Wednesday, December 28, 2005

South Africa: Firearm saved us from hijackers : "I recently took delivery of a new BMW X5 and soon afterwards the hyenas tried to take it away from me on the road leading to my house .... The hyenas pulled up behind my car and the driver proceeded to fire at me where I had taken cover behind my car. The driver pointed his semi-automatic over the roof of his car in my direction. He fired nine shots and I returned fire with shots through the windscreen, but he managed to reverse. .... After phoning, two cars from the security companies arrived within minutes. Two hours later three members of the police arrived. They asked me in a disinterested manner to explain what had happened, meanwhile trampling the crime scene forensic evidence into the ground that the security guys had carefully circled and flagged."

Australia: Murder trial for woman who shot violent robber : "The security guard Karen Brown will stand trial for murdering a man who bashed and robbed her outside the Moorebank Hotel in July last year. A magistrate ruled on Friday that although it could be said she had a strong defence for killing William Aquilina, there was a reasonable prospect that a jury would reject her defence and convict her of murder."

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