Sunday, May 21, 2006

CA: Man shot, killed: "Tracy Allen Norton heard noises outside his home about noon and observed a man hiding near the residence, Rabalais said. The suspect, later determined to be Scarabello, chased Norton into the residence where gunshots were exchanged between the two men, Rabalais said. Norton then went to a neighbor's home and called 9-1-1.Scarabello was one of the suspects in the home invasion robbery in April, Rabalais said. Detectives were seeking Scarabello and held a warrant for his arrest."

GA: Gun store owners deny "illegal" sales: "The owners of two Georgia gun stores accused in a lawsuit by New York City officials of selling firearms illegally denied Monday that they did anything wrong. A-1 Jewelry and Pawn Inc. in Augusta and AAA Pawnbrokers in Hephizbah are among five gun shops in Georgia that are named in the lawsuit, which also targets shops in Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia. New York officials claim the shops supply guns that flow into the city, including some that end up in the hands of criminals. The suit being filed Monday asks the federal court to order supervision and extra training for the dealers. It also seeks some damages and compensation. According to authorities, A-1 Jewelry and Pawn supplied 42 guns used in New York City crimes from 1994 to 2001, including the killing of a Bronx man and a drive-by shooting in Brooklyn. Earl Driggers, the owner of A-1 Jewelry and Pawn, said his store has cooperated with authorities in a sting operation in the past, but was not a target of the probe. He believes he has always complied with the law. He said that once someone passes a background check and is sold a gun, it's impossible for gun stores to control who the buyer gives that gun to."

Gun rights advancing across the country: "Well, it's been a pretty good year so far. GOA-supported legislation has passed in several state legislatures, and in many cases, the final vote tallies have been overwhelmingly pro-gun. Good bills that have now become law would allow gun owners to 'Stand their Ground' when attacked, to carry concealed firearms in their home state, and to be free from the fear of gun confiscation during a state of emergency. The last of these the 'emergency powers' reform bills -- have been introduced at both the federal and state levels."

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