Monday, May 15, 2006

SAF: Junk science is bad ammo: "A study limited to 30 male students at a small Illinois college that claims handling firearms 'primes men for aggression' by raising their testosterone levels is being dismissed as junk science by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). According to the Associated Press, psychologists at Knox College put test subjects in a bare room in which they found, on a table, either a board game called Mouse Trap or a large handgun. They were instructed to disassemble either the gun or the game and write directions for the disassembly and reassembly. Researchers measured testosterone levels through saliva samplings before and after the test, and found that levels rose sharply in the men who handled the gun, but not the game. ... 'Based on this,' marveled SAF founder Alan Gottlieb, 'these people are claiming that merely handling firearms makes men more aggressive, because they want to play what amounts to a practical joke on the next guy. We're not certain what this questionable research indicates, other than the strong possibility that researchers at Knox College have far too much time on their hands, and maybe ought to think about getting real jobs.'"

India: Man fires at burglars, injures one: "An advocate in Bharuch thwarted a burglary attempt in his house early on Tuesday morning by firing at the four robbers with his licensed weapon, injuring one of them. The three others managed to escape on a motorcycle before the police arrived at the spot. According to the complainant, senior advocate Bhadrasinh Raj, the burglars had already broken into the ground-floor drawing room of his two-storey house. 'After locking myself and my wife in the bedroom I warned the robbers from inside that I will fire at them if they did not leave. When they attempted to break open my bedroom door, I fired one round,' said Raj in his complaint to Bharuch Town police. The pistol shot penetrated through his bedroom door and caught Supansingh Sikligar on his waist. As an injured Supansingh fell to the ground, his other three aides fled in their motorcycle before the police arrived."

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