Wednesday, May 10, 2006

NC woman shoots and kills attacker: "A woman who shot a man dead Sunday night inside an apartment on Beamon Street did so because she feared for her life, Durham police investigators have determined. It is the second Durham shooting in less than a month to be ruled as self-defense. Officers responded to a shooting call at 6:26 p.m. at 14-C Beamon St. and discovered that the 31-year-old resident of the apartment had been shot, according to police spokeswoman Kammie Michael. Nakia Harper of Beamon Street was pronounced dead at the scene, Michael said. Investigators took a woman to Durham Police Headquarters for questioning Sunday night, and released her after determining that she believed her life was at risk when she shot Harper. The woman, whose name will be released later this week, had visible injuries, Michael said. Michael added that more details could not be released because the shooting is still under investigation"

Bounty hunters get their man -- sort of: "An attempt by a bounty hunter to apprehend a wanted fugitive went awry Monday, leading to a shooting involving Tennessee State University police that left the suspect and another man wounded, Metro police said. The shooting broke out around lunchtime at Swetts Plaza in Nashville as a bounty hunter and two siblings closed in on fugitive Juan Wilson, who was wanted on charges of domestic and aggravated assaults, probation violation and failure to appear in court, police said. Wilson, 25, had just left D Nails, a nail salon at the plaza, when he was confronted by bounty hunter Ron Moseley, his brother Stephen Moseley and half-brother Steven Hicks. Wilson exchanged shots with Ron Moseley, Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said. The gunfire drew the attention of three TSU police officers who were lunching nearby at Best Wok Chinese Restaurant. "One of the officers yelled for everyone to freeze," Aaron said. "Ron Moseley turned toward the TSU officer with his gun drawn, and the TSU officer said he fired in self-defense." The officer who fired at Ron Moseley was Frank White, a field-training officer at TSU. His gunfire did not injure Ron Moseley, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, Aaron said. But in the cross-fire, Stephen Moseley was hit in the back by a bullet and Wilson was shot in the arm. It is unclear whose gunfire caused which injuries, Aaron said. After the gunfire ended, Wilson fled the scene in a car, was picked up by a relative and taken to a hospital. He will be arrested upon his release, Aaron said."

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