Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gun bans: The Hamas/Fatah solution: "The Palestinian Hamas-led Government and President Mahmud Abbas's Fatah faction have outlawed the carrying of arms by militants. The decision has been taken at an emergency meeting in Gaza City aimed at ending a spate of armed clashes between Fatah and Hamas militants. "Anyone who carries arms will be considered an outlaw," Fatah spokesman Ahmed Hilles told a joint press conference with Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya. A total of 14 Palestinians were injured in armed factional fighting yesterday, the day after similar Fatah-Hamas clashes left three people dead in the southern Gaza Strip. "We are giving clear instructions to all the militants to end their armed initiatives and to prevent the use of arms," Mr Haniya said. He says "the Government will use all its powers to impose the law [and] justice," stressing that the meeting had "broken the ground for positive relations" between the two parties."

VA: Gunman kills one police officer, wounds two: "The fatal shooting of a detective at a suburban police station appeared to be the work of a lone, troubled 18-year-old who was targeting officers, officials said. Two other officers were wounded when the teenager opened fire in the parking lot of the suburban Washington, D.C., police station Monday. The assailant was also killed during the gunfight."

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