Thursday, May 04, 2006

TN: Shooting victim faces charges: "A man who shot another man over the weekend acted in self-defense when he pulled the trigger, according to a Kingsport police detective. ... Renfro told police that he was standing in the driveway eating a hamburger on the hood of his truck when Jeffrey Scott Bishop 43, of Kingsport, approached and stood on the opposite side of the vehicle. 'He advised that Bishop was angry about not being properly compensated for work that he had done at the residence,' Kingsport Police Department Detective Chris Tincher said. Renfro told police that he was at Davis' house when Bishop had been fired from the job because she was not satisfied with the work. 'Mr. Bishop said that we are going to take care of this now and pulled a pistol from his waist,' Tincher said. Renfro also told police that he heard Bishop say he was going to kill Renfro and then began firing his weapon. Renfro, who has a valid Tennessee handgun carry permit, retrieved his own gun from his truck and fired back."

TX: Man acquitted for fatally shooting acquaintance: "A 39-year-old Fort Worth man accused of fatally shooting an acquaintance during a fight over a borrowed car was acquitted of murder Tuesday after jurors found that he acted in self-defense. ... Harris said the evidence showed that Fredrick was a violent drug dealer who had been looking for Sample for about 24 hours, trying to retrieve a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis that he had lent him. Harris maintained that Sample, who sometimes did mechanic work for Fredrick, didn't return the car because it broke down and later, after it was repaired, ran out of gas. ... Fredrick, who had been threatening to kill Sample, eventually found him in the 3300 block of Strong Avenue. Harris said Sample testified that Fredrick punched him three times and then reached into the car. As he did so, a gun fell to the ground, Harris said. At that point, Sample, believing that Frederick had a second gun, grabbed the weapon and fired twice, killing Fredrick."

Attacking gun rights does not save lives: "Much ink has been spent lately in an ongoing debate about gun rights versus gun control in the wake of the tragic shootings on Seattle's Capitol Hill a few weeks ago. While the gun-control crowd has, by its own admission, tried to capitalize on the incident for its own purposes, the gun-rights community has been digging in and defending an individual civil right that is part of both our federal and state constitutions. Lest anyone be misled, both the Second Amendment and Article 1, Section 24 of the Washington Constitution protect and affirm an individual right to keep and bear arms."

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