Friday, May 05, 2006

Who, me? "'Lady Liberty doesn't support the Second Amendment!' I've received emails on this topic ever since I started commenting on stories about Concealed Carry Weapons legislation in the various states. The problem? I'm not a fan of such laws. Saying so has apparently upset some gun rights advocates enough that they don't go on to see what I say with the very next breath, and that is this: We already have a CCW law in every state, and it's called 'the Second Amendment.' My point is a relatively simple one. States that pass CCW laws require that applicants jump through a variety of hoops. ... Please don't think that this means I consider training a bad idea. It's the licensing itself I consider wrong at best, and a real danger to freedom."

SC: Man charged with shooting dogs: "A Savannah man shot a pit bull ... Friday morning after he feared he was going to be attacked, according to Beaufort County Sheriff's Office reports.The man told police he was standing in his brother's garden ... when two of his nephew's pit bulls started growling at him near the entrance. The man said he was sneaking to his truck near the garden fence when the animals charged. He grabbed his semi-automatic pistol out of his truck and began walking toward the dogs, which still were growling. He then shot one of them. ... The man was charged with ill treatment of animals and discharge of a firearm within town limits. The owner of the dogs was charged with permitting domestic animals to run at large."

IL: Fatal shooting was self-defense: "Police believe a 32-year-old male resident of an apartment in the 700 block of East Golf Road, found holding an AK-47 rifle, may have been trying to protect himself after being threatened by three men. 'After that, there was a struggle over the gun and we don't believe [the resident] intentionally shot anyone,' Police Capt. Jerry Lambert said. ... Damion arrived at the home with two friends and began quarreling with the 32-year-old about money Damion thought the man owed an acquaintance, Lambert said. 'The resident was attacked ... and got out the weapon to hold off the attackers,' Lambert said. 'We're confident it was self-defense.' The man was a registered gun owner and the AK-47 was a legal weapon, Lambert said."

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