Monday, May 08, 2006

OK: Pol wants "emergency" victim disarmament: "An Oklahoma legislator said he hopes to make some changes to a new law that makes it illegal for authorities to confiscate weapons during a state of emergency. State Rep. Mike Shelton said House Bill 2696 has placed the power of the law into the wrong hands. 'During states of emergency, I think police need total control. They don't need to worry who has guns and who doesn't. If the governor calls for Oklahomans to relinquish their guns, the public needs to do so,' Shelton said. ... Shelton said his battle is not over, and he intends not only to ask the governor to veto HB2696 but also to overturn the stand-your-ground bill."

Gunshots end fight in Nevada: "Police say a man and woman got into a fight. The woman then fired shots in self-defense -- but the man was not hit. This all started just after 8:00 Saturday at a trailer park off Surge Street in Lemmon Valley. After interviewing witnesses, detectives found this was not the first time an argument ensued between these two neighbors. After the shots were fired the woman barricaded herself inside her home. Police eventually coaxed the woman out of the home after negotiating with her over the phone. Police are still looking for the male involved in the dispute for questioning. So far, no arrests have been made".

Minnesota lawmakers seek to expand self-defense rights: "Several Republican lawmakers are introducing legislation to expand the right of citizens to use deadly force against attackers. Court rulings in Minnesota have already recognized what's known as the Castle Doctrine, which is the notion that a person's home is their castle and they have a right to defend it against an imminent threat. But Representative Tony Cornish and Sen. Pat Pariseau want to enshrine that right in state law. They also want a broader definition of castle that includes personal vehicles, businesses and even public places. The lawmakers say they don't expect legislative action on the bill until next year but introduced it today to get a debate started."

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