Friday, May 12, 2006

Restrictive gun laws pushing people out of big cities: "The Census Bureau has reported what amounts to a 'domestic migration' from three large cities in three key states, and the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) blames much of this population flight on repressive gun laws. The Associated Press reported Thursday that, according to the Census Bureau, states losing the most people are New York, California and Illinois. 'This is no mystery,' said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb. 'Those states are infamous for their anti-gun attitudes. Countless times have we heard from people who have moved from those states because they wanted to escape the Draconian gun laws.'"

OH: CHL holder shoots and kills robber: "Thursday evening Mike Dayem was in a battle for his life. A masked man entered Mike's Food Market on Cleveland's east-side with a gun and demanded money. When Mike's 19 year-old son, Abe, who also works at the store, gave the robber everything in the cash register, the robber said it wasn't enough and demanded more. Then the robber shot Abe in the head. That is when Mike grabbed his own gun and returned fire, striking the robber in the neck and chest. The robber fled from the store, leaving the money. Cleveland Police found the robber on the sidewalk about a block away. He was declared dead about 30 minutes later."

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