Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Arizona homeowner shoots invader: "A suspected burglar was shot during an attempted break-in at a Tempe home Tuesday afternoon. Two males in their 20s knocked on the door of a home in the 1500 block of South River Drive, near Price and Broadway roads, at about 12:30 p.m. There were two people home at the time. One looked through the peephole but chose not to answer the door when he didn't recognize the suspects. He later heard the suspects forcing their way into the home and grabbed his handgun. He saw the suspects in the living room, and noticed one of them was holding an object that he thought might have been a weapon. The homeowner shot at the suspects, hitting one of them. Both suspects then ran from the home. Shortly after, Tempe Police received a call from Banner Desert Hospital saying that a man with a gunshot wound had been dropped off at the hospital. He was transferred to another hospital for surgery. His condition was unavailable. The other suspect has not been caught. The case is still under investigation."

South Carolina Hotel Clerk Shoots Suspect: "A motel clerk turned the tables on an armed robbery suspect, shooting him instead of handing over cash. Authorities are calling it a case of self defense. A clerk at the America's Best Inn and Suites on Fain Drive in North Charleston says the suspect, identified as 20-year-old James Johnson, ran into the lobby and pointed something at him, demanding money. The clerk told police he kept a small pistol in his left pocket for protection, and that he pulled out the gun and fired twice. It was the clerk who called 911 from the motel right after he shot the robbery suspect. Police say the hotel employee had a legal right to carry the gun and defend himself. "It's not something we would want to encourage. Not only they put themselves in danger, but they can put other folks in danger as well," North Charleston Police Spokesman Spencer Pryor said. The clerk told cops he had a good reason to carry a pistol. Just nine days ago, the motel was robbed, possibly by the same suspect. That time the robber got away with some cash. In this case, he was lucky to get away with his life."

Florida: Clerk Shoots Robber During Holdup: "Two men jumped the counter of a Northside gas station, pointed guns at the owner and forced him to empty the cash register. They got more than what they wanted. One robber left with a bullet in his leg. Police said the BP station on Broward Road was robbed in broad daylight. They just want to get money," owner Vijay Patel said. "That's what they just keep telling me, just 'Give me money, whatever you got, from the cash registers and safe.'" Surveillance cameras caught the whole crime on tape, including when Patel grabbed his own gun and fired. "I just ... take my gun out and shot him on his leg," Patel said. The injury didn't stop the robbers. The video shows one of them hold a gun on Patel while the other makes him open the register. The robbers then ran outside and took off in a white van. Detectives found several spots of blood near the door. Patel's nose was bruised in the struggle but did not require medical treatment... Patel told Channel 4's Emily Pantelides that until the robbers are caught, he's going to be extra careful."

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