Monday, July 09, 2007

Texas icehouse owner fatally shoots burglar: "Jesse Elizondo had only meant to scare the intruder away. He had spent the night lying in wait at his business, an icehouse just north of downtown, determined not to let another burglar on his property after a string of break-ins this year that cost him thousands of dollars and put his nerves on edge constantly. He had been asleep well before dawn Saturday when he awoke to the sound of rustling outside the icehouse, followed by a loud bang. Then he saw a hand coming through a window. Fearing for his life, Elizondo popped off one quick shot from his Beretta semiautomatic in the direction of the intruder's hand. Then he heard a man moan. "I knew I'd hit him," said Elizondo, hours after the man, identified as 24-year-old Michael Adam Eden, died from a gunshot wound to the chest in the icehouse parking lot. Elizondo later learned the bang he heard was from a rock Eden had thrown through the front window. "I was scared," said Elizondo, who estimates burglars have broken into his business close to 20 times in less than a dozen years. "It could have been me laying there on the floor." Police found Eden's body, his ankle still in a cast from a recent fracture, several feet from the front door of the icehouse. No charges had been filed against Elizondo. Texas law allows homeowners and business owners to use force to defend their lives or property. A recent bill signed by Gov. Rick Perry will expand those protections so victims no longer have to retreat before they can fire on intruders or attackers."

Nevada: Store Clerk Shoots & Kills Suspected Robber: "North Las Vegas police say a suspected robber has been shot and killed. It happened around 5 AM. Police say the armed man tried to rob the Korner Store II on Camino Al Norte and Lone Mountain. The suspect allegedly produced a firearm and threatened the clerk. The store clerk shot him. The suspect was taken to UMC, but later died. At this point it does not appear that the clerk will face any charges in this incident. The deceased suspect has not yet been identified.

Ohio push: "Trying to build on success that began in Florida and spread to 17 other states, the National Rifle Association started a push in Ohio on Wednesday that would give people more authority to use deadly force to defend themselves both in and outside their homes. People who injure or kill an attacker in self-defense no longer would shoulder the burden to prove their actions were justifiable under a bill introduced Wednesday by Republican lawmakers. The proposal also would protect people who justifiably kill someone in self-defense from civil lawsuits that could require them to pay damages. The first similar law passed in Florida in 2005, and Ohio is one of 16 states where the NRA is pushing the legislation. The NRA also was responsible for pushing an Ohio law that enabled concealed carry permits for guns."

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