Monday, July 30, 2007

Missouri Driver Fears Carjacking, Shoots Man: "An Army veteran who believed he was being carjacked shot a man late Tuesday night, police said. It happened at about 11 p.m. near 40th Street and Warwick Boulevard. The veteran said he drove to the area to help a friend move. Police said the veteran and a friend were in a car when another man walked up and offered to sell them drugs. When they refused, the drug dealer punched one of the men in the mouth and then reached for what they believed was a gun, the veteran said. "Pulling up shirt as if he had something underneath, and with the other hand he socked me in the face," said the veteran, who didn't want to be identified. The veteran pulled his own gun and shot the man in the stomach, according to investigators. The veteran said he was trying to disable the man long enough so he and his friend could escape. "I decided to go ahead and shoot him in the lower left and try to avoid any major organs," the veteran said. The 29-year-old shooting victim was taken to a hospital for treatment. He is expected to recover. The 49-year-old disabled Army veteran said he can't protect himself with his fists, so he got a concealed weapons permit six months ago. Police said he had a license for the gun. The veteran said last night was the first time he pulled out his .40-caliber gun. "I feel disgusted that I had to use it on a human being, but I'm not going to be the victim who can't defend himself anymore," the veteran said. So far, no charges have been filed.

Louisiana: NO car owner exchanges gunfire with suspected car thief: "A percussion of gunshots woke residents near the corner of Palmyra and S. Gayoso streets in Mid-City early Friday morning after a neighbor found a man attempting to break into his car. Hours later, New Orleans police charged Lester Worthy, 40, with several counts of vehicular burglary - more charges could follow. The victim and Worthy exchanged gunfire, though no one was injured in the shootout. Several vehicles sustained damage after being broken into. “That's what I think happened - the guy noticed it and he just came out here and just started shooting at the guy,” Tyrus Morris said. Neighbor Patsy Fluker went outside her home after hearing gunshots. What she saw made her feel uneasy. “I heard six gunshots, and when I woke up and came outside, I noticed my car was broken into and there was a lot of blood everywhere on all the seats,” Fluker said. “It's terrifying because I have three kids, and it could've come into my house. So I'm real scared.” Morris sees a situation brewing where residents are beginning to “take matters into their own hands.” He said he believes crime is getting worse and people are fighting back."

Tennessee Senior Citizen Fights Back Against Burglar: "Just after 4:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 26, 2007, a burglar tried to break into Arthur Thornton's home at 332 Essex in South Memphis. Thornton is legally blind and lives alone. The guy tried to get in through the front window. He even cut out the screen. But little did he know, Mr. Thornton was waiting for him behind the door with his rifle. He said, “I'd do it again if it happened tonight, and I would hope I wouldn't miss. I would like to be around to tell the story like I am today, cause it's going to be me or you.” Thornton said he was in bed when he heard a noise up in the front room, “I heard this zip, zip and I thought what kind of noise is that, but I found he was cutting the screen with a knife.” Thornton grabbed his gun and got into position. He said, “I said he'll break through there and I'll hit him across the head with this rifle, and split his head. I have the evil spirit when somebody trying to do something to me.” But the man never came through the window. Thornton said, “So I opened the wood door and peeped out. He was at the door, and I said get away from my window. When he started across the driveway I shot down towards his feet. When he got out to the sidewalk I shot again.” He missed, but as you heard him say, Mr. Thornton has absolutely no regrets about pulling the trigger. He said at 4 am, there is no question, it's him or me. Police did respond to Thornton's house. Unfortunately, because of his poor vision, he wasn't able to get a very good look at the burglar."

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