Friday, July 06, 2007

British Keystone cops raid white kid with toy gun -- miss heaps of black kids with real guns: "Armed police confronted a ten-year-old boy who was showing his friend a plastic toy gun at his home. Two officers armed with machineguns and others handling dogs went to the house in Cradley Heath, Staffordshire, after police received a report about groups of youths, some with firearms, in the area. They found Brodie-Cian showing off his new 18-inch black plastic gun to a friend. Gail Pearsall, his mother, was also present. She said: “I suddenly saw the officers. They were saying, ‘Go, go go, move it’. Then they said, ‘Is that Brodie?’ I was so shocked I thought, ‘What on earth has my son done?’ “I just couldn’t believe it. There were ten of them in total. They then said they wanted the gun and they took it away into one of the cars and looked at it for half an hour.” Brodie has been banned from taking the 10 pounds gun, bought from a market stall, out in public. He said: “I was very frightened. There were loads of officers with guns and dogs. I thought maybe it was the gun.”

Arkansas home invader shot: "Little Rock police are investigating a home invasion in which 1 of the suspects was shot dead by 1 of the victims. Police say the incident began early this morning when someone banged on the apartment door of 27-year-old Julian Armstrong and demanded to see someone named "Steve." Armstrong told the person he had the wrong apartment. A while later, the man returned with a second person. Armstrong told police the men kicked in his door and that he exchanged gunfire with the second suspect. Police say Armstrong sustained a gunshot wound to the abdomen and that the suspect was shot dead. Police say Armstrong's injury isn't life-threatening. No name has been released for the dead suspect, and police said they have not been able to find the other assailant. Police say the shooting at southwest Little Rock apartment occurred at 2:20 a.m.

Michigan man shoots rottweiler: "A Redford man shot and killed an 100-pound rottweiler as it ran toward a 10-year-old neighbor boy late Sunday afternoon. The dog had been seen loose in the neighborhood, and the shooter told police he feared it was going to attack the boy, according to a Redford Township police report. The man had walked the boy to his house because of the dog, and they were waiting for the boy's mother to open the side door when the dog ran, he said. The incident occurred on Riverdale Street south of Plymouth Road. The dog came from a house on Virgil Street, one block to the west. Police said the shooter had a valid concealed weapons permit. Police requested followup by the animal control department on possible dog ordinance violations by the dog's owner."

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