Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gunman killed after firing shots in California hospital: "A 75-year-old California man walked into a medical building on Monday and started shooting, but was killed by a highway patrolman, authorities said. No other injuries were reported. The man fired one shot on the grounds of Ridgecrest Regional Hospital in the Mojave Desert and entered a medical office building, where he fired several other shots, Police Chief Mike Avery said. Officers told the man to drop his shotgun, but he did not, authorities said. The man was shot and killed by California Highway Patrol Officer Brad Degeus, a six-year member of the force, said Paul Salazar of the patrol. The patrol said Degeus had been backing up another law enforcement agency." [Lucky that someone present was armed]

Alabama blacks arrested for stealing garbage: "Two men were arrested for trying to steal garbage. 24 year old Timothy Darnell Maynor and 20 year old Shaun Christopher Holley targeted the home of a disabled Limestone County man, apparently trying to steal the aluminum cans he collected for supplemental income. The men didn't get the cans, but they did get a big surprise. Robert Shoulder proved that he may be down, but certainly don't count him out. "The next day I come back by there and I caught these boys stealing my cans," says Shoulder. He immediately called the Limestone County Sheriff's Department. "Well I was out there in the yard. They thought we had gone. I was sitting in the truck and they walked back up, cause they were going to try to get in the car and get away," says Shoulder. : "The one guy, he started towards me and I told him to stop and he kept coming, so I pulled my gun out on him and he was made to lay down on the ground." The partner was also made to wait for law enforcement. Sheriff's officials say they also cleared up another burglary case with these arrests".

South Carolina Hispanics Fight Black attackers: "A string of armed robberies targeting Hispanics ends with gunfire. Charleston County deputies arrested three men and a woman Monday morning. Authorities arrested 26 Year-Old Issac Alston, 19 Year-Old Montrell Perry and 18 Year-Old Zarel Isadore. Deputies have not released the woman's name because she has not yet been charged, although witnesses say she served as a look-out. The violence started inside a mobile home on Tedder Street around 1:30 Monday morning. Count on 2' Crimetracker Jenny Fisher said, "When Roberto Flores answered a knock at his door, he was punched in the face. Once he was on the ground, someone continued to punch and kick him and stole $200 from his wallet." The suspect, who had a knife, also injured Flores' roommate and took $15. Afterwards, police say the group drove to a Hess gas station on Dorchester road. Police say the suspects took Noe Perez's wallet at gunpoint. They wanted his keys, but a nearby car distracted them. Perez took off in his truck, but the suspects followed in a dark car. They fired a shot, but eventually turned away. Deputies say that's when the group stopped at the corner of Nelson and Leslie Street to lure a group of Hispanics to their car. Yet, this time, things turned out differently. A victim was shot in the knee, but a suspect was also on the receiving end of the gunfire. Captain Benton said, "The pellets from the shotgun ricocheted and hit one of the suspects in the foot." That's when other Latinos heard the commotion and rushed outside to help their own. They broke the glass out of the suspects' car, pulled a few punches of their own and detained the four suspects until authorities arrived."

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That "stupid black teen" is my fucking cousin. Whoever wrote that can fucking go to hell. He's a good kid and he would never rob someone especially at gunpoint. What everyone don't know is that hey friend died a week early and she was coming back from a even for him. She had been drinking. And the only thing they could find on the fucking gun was a palm print. That's bullshit and whoever wrote that your ignorant and I hope you feel something like what my family is feeling.