Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kentucky women with guns discourage home invaders: "Lexington police are looking for two men wanted for a home invasion over-night and one of the suspects should be easy to spot. He's wearing only one shoe. Police say the two men kicked the door open and rushed inside. Two armed women residents confronted the intruders and ordered them to their knees. The shirtless men were not fools. They fled on their knees as fast as they could crawl. That's when one of them lost a shoe. A police dog sniffed the shoe, but no arrests were reported as officers searched the area."

North Carolina black killed in robbery attempt outside club: "A 26-year-old man was killed this morning in the parking lot of a strip club, Greensboro police said. About 4 a.m. Monday, three men attempted to rob two pepole in the parking lot of Lost Dimensions at 510 Farragut St., Capt. Gary Hastings said. During the robbery attempt, one victim fired a weapon at the three men, Hastings said. When police arrived, they found a 26-year-old man - one of the three alleged robbers - dead of a gunshot wound in the woods on the edge of the parking lot, Hastings said. Police late Monday afternoon identified him as Victor Lamont Adams, of 1502 Pickard St. in Greensboro. The other two men involved in the attempted robbery are in police custody, Hastings said. Roland Lashawn Cole, 19, and Maurice Dontay Wilson, 19, are each charged with two counts of attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon. Police are also interviewing the man who fired the fatal shot."

California: Burglars pursued and shot: "Even before the night he shot and nearly killed two burglars, Chris Drake was a man who liked to keep a firearm within easy reach. Like many residents of this rural part of northern San Diego County, Drake, 48, owns a gun – several, actually. The nearest sheriff's substation is some 20 miles away. As a business owner, he says, he would feel vulnerable without a pistol tucked into his waistband. The store has been burglarized four times since his wife, Sheri, bought it in 2001. The early hours of March 6 were clear and frigid, the kind of morning when a person curls up under a second blanket. The moon was bright and nearly full. At 4 a.m., Drake woke up to go to the bathroom. The store alarm went off. In less than a minute, Drake estimates, they grabbed the car keys and the loaded .38-caliber revolver he keeps by his bed. They ran out the door, got into their black Cadillac Escalade, drove around the back of the store and edged into the front parking lot. Drake circled his SUV to the edge of the parking lot, keeping a safe distance. As he did so, two other men lugging merchandise ran out of the store. They got into the Toyota, which took off north on Highway 79. He pulled his SUV onto the highway and stepped on the gas. Finally, the two cars stopped and faced each other. According to Drake, his SUV became stuck on the shoulder of the road, where he had pulled over so the Toyota wouldn't hit him. At that point, he said, the driver of the Toyota began ramming the Drakes' front fender and driver-side door. So he grabbed his five-shot pistol, leaned out the driver's window and fired until his gun was empty. Two shots hit the grille of the Toyota, and three went through the windshield.... After reviewing the evidence, the San Diego County District Attorney's Office made a decision: The two suspects would be charged with burglary. The Drakes would be charged with nothing. The third person in the Toyota hasn't been charged yet, but investigators say they know who he is."

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