Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Florida thief shot but gets away: "A clerk at a Jacksonville service station shot a robber Tuesday morning, but couldn't stop the robbery, police said. Two men came into the Broward BP at 1188 Broward Road about 10:30 a.m. While one pointed a gun, the other jumped the counter and began struggling with the clerk, said Sgt. Bill Vanaman of Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. The clerk had his own gun and shot the man struggling with him, but then he was then disarmed, Vanaman said. The robbers then took the store's money and left in an off-white four-door Saturn, police said."

Florida store owner fights back: "Police say the two robbers had forced the store owner at gunpoint to the ground and were on their way out after stealing money and ripping off the stores surveillance system, but apparently the owner didn't plan on going down without a fight. The store clerk got up, grabbed his gun, came out of the store, and yelled at them to stop. One of the males turned around pointed the gun at the store clerk and said, 'I will shoot you.' At that point, the store clerk did shoot the bad guy. ” Bullets and evidence markers litter the area, as police try to piece it all together. They recovered two guns. The owner managed to wrestle the robber away and hold him for police. Beal says the store has had many problems. This time the owner sent a strong message. Police say it looks like this was a case of self defense and it doesn't immediately look like Saed will face charges. Investigators are looking for the second robber who fled in a maroon Ford Taurus."

Kentucky murder charge dropped: "A murder charge against 19-year-old Troy L. Cole has been dropped after police determined that he was likely acting in self-defense. Cole was charged with the murder of 15-year-old Jordan Adams, who was shot just after midnight Sunday in the 4500 block of Beechbrook Road in Norfolk. Lt. Barry Wilkerson said this afternoon that after interviewing Cole and witnesses, police believe Cole was being robbed by Adams and another 15-year-old when an altercation broke out and Adams showed a gun. That prompted Cole to shoot in self defense, Wilkerson said. The other 15-year-old, whose name has not been released because he is a juvenile, has been charged with robbery, Wilkerson said. Cole is still charged with tampering with physical evidence, but his bond was reduced after the murder charge was dropped, Wilkerson said. Adams was a runaway who dropped out of Seneca High School, according to Christopher 2X, a spokesman for his family."

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