Saturday, July 07, 2007

Idaho: Drunk invader: "Imagine checking on your 5-year-old daughter in the night and finding a complete stranger sprawled out on the floor next to her. That's exactly what happened to an Idaho Falls family Thursday night. "Went in kids bathroom and his hat and his shorts were on the floor and I thought that's weird and so I ran to my husband and I said Brock there's someone in the house," said Shannon Hayward. A stranger was out cold on the floor, sleeping next to Hayward's 5-year-old step daughter. While Shannon spoke with 911 dispatchers, her husband grabbed a rifle and ordered Stanton out of the room at gun point. "He kept saying I don't know where I am, my husband kept saying what are you doing in my house? He was out of it, really out of it," she said. The police report says Stanton's blood alcohol was nearly twice the limit at 8 in the morning. The Hayward's think he was partying at a house nearby. They say the experience was enough to triple check their locks every night before bed. Daniel Stanton was cited for unlawful entry and released."

Kentucky: Double shooting kills both: "Police are calling the causes of death for two people found dead together in an apartment at the 1000 block of Muhammad Ali Boulevard a double homicide. Metro police said a mother, Bonnie Porter, 45, and her son, Leon Porter, 28, were found dead in the apartment Thursday. Investigators said the son fired several rounds at the mother and, while defending herself, she shot him in the head, resulting in both their deaths. Family members said Leon was being treated for mental illness."

Florida: Clerk shoots hardware store robber: "An armed hardware store heist in Hialeah was foiled Friday when a clerk pulled his own gun and shot the robber twice, police said. Hialeah Police say 22-year-old Carlos Isaac was buying tools around 2:30 p.m. at the store on East 25th Street. When the clerk opened the cash register to give him change, Isaac pulled a handgun, started to pistol-whip the clerk and tried to take the money, said Hialeah police spokesman Frank Gonzalez. The clerk, who Gonzalez said ''feared for his life,'' then shot Isaac twice. Isaac was later found at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he had checked in with two gunshot wounds, police said. He was arrested and charged with armed robbery."

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