Wednesday, June 11, 2008

California - Handgun Ammunition Control

(Sacramento, California) California State Assemblyman Kevin De Leon has proposed legislation to require that sellers of ammunition obtain a state license, conduct background checks of employees and track people purchasing ammunition.

The bill, AB 362, has passed the California Assembly. It's now with the Senate. This is a bad idea, I think, simply another attack on the Second Amendment.

From the Senate Appropriations Committee Fiscal Summary for AB 362:
Amendments proposed by the author would require the study to include the feasibility of an instantaneous screening process limiting the approval of handgun ammunition sales to qualified purchasers, and maintaining a file of handgun ammunition records of sale that shall be integrated with existing criminal justice information systems.
Applicability will be any vendor who sells more than 50 rounds per month. If it passes the Senate, the bill is slated to become effective on June 1, 2009.

50 rounds! What's that? One box? And you go into a government database with background checks? Sheesh!

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