Tuesday, June 03, 2008

SC: Property owner charged with shooting: "A North man charged with shooting an alleged burglar on family property last week was released on a $15,000 surety bond Monday. Officials said 30-year-old Stanley Weber of 262 Breezehaven Road was released Monday after a bond hearing before Orangeburg County Magistrate Don West. Weber was arrested on a charge of assault and battery with intent to kill, with police alleging he shot an individual around 6 p.m. Friday. The warrant against him alleges that Weber, "did intentionally, with total disregard for human life, fire a .22-caliber rifle at the victim (Justin Kemmerlin), striking him in the mouth area." Meanwhile, 18-year-old Justin Kemmerlin is charged, along with his sister Amanda Kemmerlin, 35, with third-degree burglary. Justin Kemmerlin was expected to be released from the hospital on Monday evening, Orangeburg County Sheriff Larry Williams said. Deputies believe the Kemmerlins were trying to steal fuel from a backhoe on the property Friday afternoon. "On private property, there is no duty to retreat," Pascoe said, "unlike public property." With the attention of the solicitor's office, the decision to amend or stay the charge against Weber could be made by week's end."

Arizona: 1 Dead, 2 Hurt In Phoenix Shooting: "Police say a homeowner confronted two men who forced their way into a house with the intention to rob it, shot and killed one of the men and injured the other. The robbers injured the unidentified homeowner, who was rushed to the hospital, in the Monday morning incident at 2809 W. Almeria Road, Sgt. Andy Hill said. His condition was not immediately known. "I heard two shots, real loud, then saw dust on the ground," said Josie Carillo, a neighbor. "Don't know if it was a bullet or what." Police said they were are especially concerned because children also live in the home. "We believe two suspects came to rob the house, do a home invasion, and forced their way in," Hill said. The other intruder who was hurt is believed to have jumped in a getaway vehicle parked down the street. Police gave no immediate description of the robber."

Ohio set to expand limits on self-defense: "Potential victims who harm or kill apparent intruders in their homes or vehicles would get the legal benefit of the doubt under a just-passed bill destined to get Gov. Ted Strickland's signature. Sponsored by state Sen. Stephen Buehrer (R., Delta) and pushed by the National Rifle Association, the measure served as a magnet for changes to Ohio's 4-year-old law allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed handguns. The changes will make it easier for motorists to carry weapons in their cars and in school zones and will prohibit landlords from forbidding tenants from having guns in their rented residences. The measure was among a flurry of bills sent to the governor this week as lawmakers near summer recess. It won strong bipartisan support in both chambers, despite a lack of support from some law enforcement organizations. The bill would take effect 90 days after Mr. Strickland signs it. "He believes the legislation provides law-abiding gun owners with appropriate and reasonable protections, and he's looking forward to signing the bill," said Strickland spokesman Keith Dailey. Commonly called the "Castle Doctrine," the bill shifts the burden away from the apparent victim to prosecutors and police to prove that an individual did not act in self-defense. The bill specifies that the legal resident does not have a duty to retreat when someone is illegally entering or attempting to enter his home or car.

McCain not good on guns: "John McCain sponsored an amendment to S. 1805 on March 2, 2004 that would outlaw the private sale of firearms at gun shows. According to GOA, the provision would effectively eliminate gun shows, because every member of an organization sponsoring a gun show could be imprisoned if the organization fails to notify each and every "person who attends the special firearms event of the requirements [under the Brady Law]." John McCain also sponsored an Incumbent Protection provision to the so-called "Campaign Finance Reform" bill, which severely curtails the ability of outside groups (such as GOA) to communicate the actions of incumbent politicians to members and supporters prior to an election. The GOA report of the 106th Congress reveals that out of 15 votes relating to the right to keep and bear arms, Senator John McCain voted favorably only 4 times. Put that into a percentage and McCain's pro-Second Amendment voting record is a pathetic 27%. In addition, GOA warns that John McCain supported legislation that would force federal agents to increase efforts in arresting and convicting honest gun owners who may inadvertently violate one of the many federal anti-gun laws, which punish mere technicalities, such as gun possession."

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