Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Canada: Jury acquits man for shooting cop: "Awakened before dawn by police officers who battered down the door to his home, Basil Parasiris said he acted in self-defence when he shot at a stranger at his bedroom door. A jury agreed yesterday, acquitting the Montreal-area businessman of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Constable Daniel Tessier, a father of two. The verdict was the latest slap in this case for the Laval police. The trial had revealed that the force's search warrant relied on dubious evidence and didn't allow a night-time raid; that officers didn't properly check whether Mr. Parasiris owned guns; and that they fired by mistake into a child's bedroom. The jurors agreed with Mr. Parasiris's defence that he thought he was the victim of a home invasion."

Vet on trial for shooting: "Walter Laak still looks like a Marine... Defense attorneys contend that Laak was trying to defend himself and others when he shot and killed 19-year-old Juan Cordova on June 5, 2007, during a confrontation at a friend's house. Authorities said Laak pulled out the Beretta and two of the three men fled. Cordova then advanced on Laak. Orozco testified that Cordova was swinging his fists at Laak. Laak fired a round that ricocheted off the ground and then fired again, Orozco said. The second round struck Cordova in the abdomen, killing him. Defense attorney Edward Kane said Laak fired the first round as a warning shot. After the shooting, Laak and Oscar Orozco fled. Laak turned himself in to Las Vegas police the following day. Laak said that the three men who came to the house were armed with knives and he shot "in self-defense," a Las Vegas police report states. Laak refused to give police a recorded statement and was arrested and charged with murder with a deadly weapon."

Will churches be the next gun-free zones? : "My guess is that 100 years ago, before we started down this road, bringing a gun to church was far more commonplace than it is now. And nobody shot up any churches. We were an armed society and, hence, a more polite society. Moreoever, preachers devoted far less energy to worldly political and social entanglements and had no inhibitions about preaching against sin. Perhaps the reason that you almost never hear, even nowadays, about a church shooting is that churches are not yet gun-free zones? God tells us to learn from history as it does repeat itself - Ecclesiastes 1:9. But we don't learn."

The uncompromiseable right to keep and bear arms: "For years Gun Owners of America (GOA) and its sister organization Gun Owners' Foundation (GOF) have worked tirelessly in support of a robust Second Amendment guarantee of the right of individual Americans to keep and bear arms. Fighting against gun control in the trenches - in the state and federal courts, in the court of public opinion, in state legislatures, city councils and Congress - every step of the way is a dog fight. And GOA has become known as the "no compromise" gun lobby.Our Supreme Court brief in the Heller case was recognized by USA Today as so distinctive that our GOF legal team was invited recently to write the counter-point to that paper's pro-gun control position."

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