Thursday, June 19, 2008

Indiana: Road rage shooting being called self-defense: "Police are calling it a case of violent road rage after a man is shot at a Jeffersonville, Indiana intersection. WAVE 3's Scott Harvey reports on the incident that happened at the corner of Allison Lane and 10th Street around 3 p.m. Tuesday. It is a case of road rage with a twist. Detectives working the case tell us the shooter hasn't been charged, because it appears to be a case of self defense. Investigators say it started as an altercation between a man riding a motorcycle and a woman driving a SUV behind him. "He said they came flying up on him when he was getting ready to turn," said Bagshaw. "So he slowed down on his turn, next thing you know they rolled up a little bit more. They had a few words. He jumped off his bike." "She never got out of the vehicle and that is where the shooting occurred," said Det. Todd Hollis with the Jeffersonville Police Department. Bagshaw says the man had a single gunshot to the chest. He waited with the motorcycle rider until EMS arrived. He told us the man kept talking about the argument at the car. "Supposedly she thought he had spit at her, but he said his false teeth fell out, so she shot him," explained Bagshaw. "So, I mean, there may be a little more to it than what the other guy is saying of course." And investigators say there is. No charges have been filed against the woman, because police say at this point it appears to be self-defense. The man was taken to University Hospital in Louisville and at last check was in surgery. His condition is unknown at this time."

Alaska man shoots bear: "A power plant supervisor in the city of Galena is credited with saving the lives of his neighbors as they were under attack by a bear. Howard Beasley says the large male black bear had recently been in the area feasting on moose calves. When those ran out it started coming in closer to homes. Beasley stepped in to help in the middle of the night after a neighbor - Chris Kriska and his little sister, couldn't shoo the aggressive bear away. The Galena Police Chief John Millan says the Kiska's dog, Scooby, distracted the bear until help arrived. Beasley says after he showed up the bear charged out of the woods hunched low, snarling and clearly was not ready to back down. So with a single shot, he killed it. "People came out and shook my hand, said it was the first good night of sleep they'd had in a long time," Beasley said. "People were having nightmares. I had no idea it had such a big impact on people." Millan calls the shooting clearly justified."

Canada: Watchdog calls for temporary Taser ban: “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are using stun guns too often and their use should be temporarily banned if levels are not curbed, a watchdog has said. Its report, prompted by the death of a Polish immigrant stunned by police last year, said the guns should only be used against ‘combative’ people. … The review was initiated after amateur video emerged showing Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers fire a stun gun at least twice at Robert Dziekanski, a Polish immigrant, who died shortly afterwards. Mr Dziekanski spoke no English and had become agitated after waiting in a secure area of the airport for 10 hours. The police were heavily criticised for their treatment of Mr Dziekanski.”

Canada: Public Safety Minister rejects gun ban : “A handgun ban isn’t the answer to Toronto’s gun violence, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day insists. ‘Studies in a variety of jurisdictions around the world show that if you want to see gun crime reduced you’ve got to go after the criminals,’ Day said during a press conference at Polson Pier yesterday. He said a Canada-wide handgun ban would divert limited police resources to ‘going after innocent firearm owners.’ Day’s comments come after a weekend of gun violence in the city that started with a double murder Thursday night.”

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