Friday, June 06, 2008

Man shot, killed during confrontation in apartment parking lot: "Metro Police say a 17-year-old shot during a confrontation in the parking lot of a Las Vegas apartment complex early this morning and died later at the hospital. At 5:46 a.m. Monday police received several 911 calls reporting a shot fired at the Wellington Meadows Apartment complex at 9550 West Sahara Ave. Police and emergency medical officials found Johnny Boyd Eagletail with a gunshot wound to his torso. He was taken to University Medical Center where he died from his injuries hours later. A man at the apartment complex confronted Eagletail and asked about damaged vehicles in the parking lot. The victim allegedly pulled a knife and moved toward the man who fired one shot from the pistol, police said. The man with the gun remained at the scene and spoke with Metro detectives. He was not arrested. The case will be submitted to the district attorney's office for review."

Texas man kills suspected burglar: "Authorities in Cass County are still sorting out the details surrounding an alleged burglary, where a suspect was fatally shot. Cass County investigators say an Antioch, Texas man came home Wednesday afternoon to find a burglar inside the residence. The homeowner told police he grabbed a gun and found a woman running out the back door. He confronted her and another man in the back yard. He called 911, telling the operator he was holding the pair until authorities arrived. By the time deputies got to the scene, some kind of altercation had taken place and the male suspect was dead from a gunshot wound. Authorities have not released the name of the man who was killed. The woman also at the house was last seen leaving in a white car. So far no charges have been filed."

PA: Court voids victim disarmament ordinances: "A judge ruled that the City of Philadelphia could not enforce new ordinances that would ban assault weapons and limit handgun purchases to one per person per month. The judge, Jane Cutler Greenspan of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, ruled in favor of the National Rifle Association, which argued that only the legislature had the right to make gun laws. But Judge Greenspan denied on procedural grounds the association's request to overturn three other gun ordinances. One would allow guns to be removed from people who were declared to be a risk to themselves or others, and another would do the same for those under a protection-from-abuse order. The third would require the reporting of lost or stolen guns."

Gun manufacturers continue to aid gun banners: "Having just devoted a substantial chunk of pro bono legal work fighting governments committed to destroying your gun rights, I was horrified to read the March 2008 editions of several of my favorite gun magazines. Prominently featured in each edition was a feature story about a large manufacturer of 1911-type guns, breathlessly detailing the 'gee whiz' details of their newest model dedicated to a California police agency. Each of the stories went into the history of the department the gun was designed for, yet one critical piece of background information was omitted from the tide of 'fanboy' coverage.'These guns were all designed for a local government committed to stripping civilians of the right to own this same gun."

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