Thursday, June 26, 2008

Maryland: Invader shot in butt: "A man was shot during an attempted robbery at a home in Cumberland Wednesday morning. Investigators with the Allegany County Combined Criminal Investigation Unit say there was an altercation at a home in the 300-block of Pulaski Street. Residents heard gunshots just before 6:50 a.m. Police say Michael Evans and Corey Adams of Petersburg, Virginia came into the house and demanded money. Evans was shot at several times in the buttocks and leg. The two ran out of the home and drove out of the area. When officers arrived at the home, there was one victim with non life-threatening injuries. The people witnesses gave police a description of the suspects and their vehicle. Officers stopped the suspects on Interstate 68 and Evans was taken to Cumberland Memorial Hospital. He was later taken to Baltimore Shock Trauma for more treatment. Evans and Adams face several charges of armed robbery, assault and theft."

Ireland: Acquitted man wants his shotgun back: “Manslaughter acquitted Padraig Nally says he now wants gardai to return the gun he used to kill burglar John ‘Frog’ Ward.The Mayo farmer has demanded the return of his shotgun, claiming he is living in fear of being attacked at his home again.Mr Nally (64) was cleared of manslaughter after shooting dead Traveller Mr Ward, who he caught breaking into his home four years ago.He now maintains: ‘Everyone is saying I should have a gun.’”Mr Nally said he was informed at the time of the trial that he would not be allowed to have a firearm again under any circumstances, but had since been told he was now entitled to one because of his acquittal.”

Intruder on couch shot: "A man who shot and killed an intruder inside his Mardonna Way home in the middle of the night last week indicated to police and his wife that the trespasser beat him up and he acted in self-defense, according to a court document. With Cramer detained following the 3 a.m. shooting, two Sutherlin police officers entered the home and found Michael Shane Smith, 35, dead on the couch. Smith was “lying on his side with his feet propped up on the couch, facing the center of the living room,” according to the search warrant affidavit filed in court Tuesday. He appeared to have been shot in the upper chest, according to the affidavit. Police had been called to the home early that morning after Cramer’s wife, Christy, discovered an unknown man passed out on her couch. She grabbed her young daughter and left the home, heading to a nearby bar to retrieve Keith Cramer, according to police. When they returned, Christy Cramer followed her husband into the home to get a phone while their daughter waited in the car. Christy Cramer told police she heard her husband shouting something to the man on the couch, according to the affidavit. .. On Monday, Cramer’s attorney, Danny Lang, said Smith had made “sudden aggressive movements” toward his client before the shooting and that Cramer feared for his own safety and his family’s safety. No charges have been filed against Cramer, and Lang said it appears the man was acting in self-defense. A Douglas County grand jury is expected to hear the case and decide whether a crime was committed."

Colorado: Drunken quarrel. Wife shoots husband. Gets off: "A woman accused of shooting her husband during a struggle will not be charged in his death. 38-year-old Robin Gall was arrested after authorities arrived at her home on June 9th to find her husband shot to death inside. Robin was sitting on her porch in tears with the couple's three daughters. She freely admitted to shooting him. During the investigation, police pieced together that the couple had been out drinking throughout the afternoon. When they arrived home around 8:30 p.m., Robin's husband Brent Gall got upset about an incident at the bar when Robin hugged another man. The couple began struggling, which eventually led to Robin pulling out the family's gun and shooting Brent in the chest. Robin is now released from the Fremont County Jail because the District Attorney didn't believe a jury would convict her, so no charges were filed. He confirmed that it was ruled she acted in self defense."

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