Sunday, June 01, 2008

Texas: Store clerk fatally shoots robbery suspect in N. Houston: "As a gas station attendant, "Ash" Hussain had heard the horror stories about convenience store robberies and deadly shootings. On Friday afternoon, he would find himself in just that situation. Loaded with cash taken from the Texaco gas station in the 9400 block of North Freeway, the robbers left the store headed for their getaway car. The 22-year-old clerk had followed with his own pistol, hoping to get the vehicle's license plate number. Then one gunman turned and pointed his pistol at Hussain. The clerk fatally shot him - something he thought he'd never have to do. "This is a day I'll never forget," said Hussain, who has worked at the store for about a year and a half. "I wish it hadn't happened, but it did." Authorities have not identified the dead man, who was found in a field about a quarter-mile from the store. Police dogs found his alleged accomplice hiding in a nearby abandoned trailer, said Houston Police Department Homicide Division investigator Dan Arnold. No charges have been filed against Hussain".

Pennsylvania: Armed homeowner foils invasion: "Eugene Johnson reacted in a flash when his wife heard someone kick in the back door of their Carlisle home at 2:30 a.m. Friday. Johnson, 75, a retired Army sergeant first class who fought in the Korean War, grabbed his pistol. He was ready when a silhouette of a man appeared in the darkened doorway of his bedroom. "He said, 'Don't move, I have a gun,'" Johnson recalled. "I said, 'Buddy, I've got a gun, too, and it's [aimed] right on you. "Things got quiet then," he said. They got quiet because the would-be home invader had high-tailed it out of there, police said. Johnson would have been legally justified in pulling the trigger, Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said... The back door that was damaged in the earlier burglary had not yet been repaired when the invader or invaders kicked it in Friday. Once inside, the culprit or culprits turned off the home's electricity, he said. "My wife heard the back door being smashed. All at once the lights went out, and she told me, 'Get your gun,'" Johnson said."

SC burglar shot: "On Wednesday at about 6:30 a.m. a 54-year-old Spartanburg man told officers he shot at a man attempting to steal from a building outside his home. Andre Maurice Curenton [above], 17, of 425 King Court, Inman, was later charged with third- degree burglary. The homeowner said a motion alarm from the building woke him up, and he saw a man inside the shop. He said he shot into the shop toward the ground, and Curenton came out with his hands up. The homeowner then shot at the man's legs. Maj. Dan Johnson of the sheriff's office said Curenton was treated for minor injuries resulting from shotgun pellets".

Pennsylvania: Burglar Shot: "A man is in the hospital and facing multiple charges today after police say he and another man broke into a South Side home in a burglary attempt. Police say Dale Boehm, 19, is facing charges of burglary, robbery, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person and criminal conspiracy. According to police, the owner of the Josephine Street home was watching television when he heard breaking glass and his back door being kicked in around 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Authorities say that's when the homeowner retrieved his weapon and then found two men in his kitchen. Officials report that the men fired at one another. Authorities say one of the suspects fled the scene after the gunfire. He has not been found, but police say they recovered a baseball bat and firearm while searching in the woods. Police report that Boehm suffered a gunshot wound and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. He is listed in critical condition, officials say. Police say they have questioned the resident. Meanwhile, Boehm will be taken to the Allegheny County Jail when he is released from the hospital."

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