Monday, June 09, 2008

NM: Homeowner fires shot, burglar flees: "Police are searching for a man who tried to steal $20,000 worth of natural gas equipment during a residential burglary in Mentmore early this morning. Deputy Police Chief John Allen, a spokesman for the Gallup Police Department, said someone broke into a garage of a residence on the 3400 Block of Blue Hill Avenue at about 5 a.m. The homeowner noticed his van that contained the valuable equipment had been stolen from the driveway. He then found the burglar inside the garage trying to steal additional equipment. Allen said the homeowner fired a shot from a handgun over the thief's head and demanded he remain inside the garage until police arrive, but the man fled on foot and has not been arrested."

Ohio: Grandpa Comes to the Rescue, Grabs Shotgun from Intruder: "As the door to the garage swung open, Sutton came face to face with an intruder. "The guy just came in and looked straight at me and pointed his gun at me," said Sutton. At first Sutton thought it was a joke, but as the man approached her, she knew her life was at stake. She started screaming for help as she turned and ran for the front door. What the gunman didn't realize was that Sutton's 72-year-old grandfather, Joe Sabol, was also in the family room, sitting in a chair, when the gunman came into the house..... That's when Joe sprang into action. The great grandfather sneaked in on the gunman for a surprise attack of his own. He quietly walked up behind him. Sabol saw his opportunity when the gunman turned the barrel of the gun to the floor as he cocked it. Sabol seized the moment. "I reached down then and I got a tight grip on the stalk of the gun and when I got a hold of (it) there was no way he was gonna get that back," said Sabol. When the struggle was over, Sabol had control of the gun. The intruder turned on his heels and ran back the way he had come in, through the garage, and off into a wooded area. Sutton quickly called the Carroll County Sheriff's Department. Deputies came out to search the area. They found 30-year-old Jason Haught hiding in the woods. He's been charged with one count of aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, and kidnapping, all of them are felonies of the first degree. According to court records, Haught has a criminal past, including a prison term served for domestic violence in 2007, another domestic violence case in 2005, drug paraphernalia in 2004 and in 1999 a DUI -- just to name a few of the charges."

CA: Gun, ammo bills go to Senate : "In the future, you may have to leave a copy of your driver's license if you want to buy .22-caliber rounds from your local big-box store. The California Assembly further reinforced the state's reputation as having the most stringent gun laws in the nation by passing two bills late last month that would put more restrictions on buying and selling handguns and handgun ammunition. Both bills must now win state Senate approval. One bill . would require any new handgun sold in the state to have a device installed that prohibits anyone other than the owner from pulling the trigger. . the technology for such devices isn't yet available for sale and the bill wouldn't take effect until after it is, according to the legislation."

Abusive customer tased: "A convenience store clerk used a stun gun on a customer after an argument got out of hand, authorities said. The altercation reportedly stemmed from the customer's attempt to purchase $3 worth of gas and an alcoholic beverage. Shaan Gandotra was behind the counter at Shannon's Grocery and Gas Station in Merced when the customer made his unusual demand. "He threw $5 in front of all the customers and said, 'Hey, give me $3 of gas,'" he said. The man then walked to the liquor aisle and brought back a bottled alcoholic beverage, and Gandotra said he became verbally abusive. "He started cussing, saying 'I want my gas now, hurry up,'" Gandotra said. He refused service to the customer. The 42-year-old man then threw the bottle at him, Gandotra said. "There's no other way I could have gotten him out of the store," he said. "I pulled out my stun gun." Merced authorities say the man was tased, and then called for an ambulance from a nearby friend's house. Authorities have not released the name of the customer, and are reviewing the surveillance footage of the incident to determine if the use of the stun gun was justified."

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