Saturday, July 12, 2008

Arkansas invader shot: "A Prairie Creek resident shot and killed a neighbor who had kicked in his door Tuesday evening and tried to assault him, police said. Johnny Hawthorne shot Mekin Kantaphone with a handgun once in the head in self-defense inside Hawthorne’s home, Benton County sheriff’s Capt. Mike Sydoriak said. The prosecuting attorney’s office will decide whether the shooting was justified, Sydoriak said. Kantaphone, 34, sent threatening text and voice messages to Hawthorne, 25, earlier in the day, he said. “He was threatening to beat him and kill him,” Sydoriak said. “There was certainly that assumption by the deceased that there was a relationship between the shooter and the deceased’s wife,” said Benton County sheriff’s deputy Doug Gay. “Whether there is any validity to that remains under investigation.” Kantaphone was a weight lifter who was much larger than Hawthorne, Sydoriak said. Kantaphone recently worked as a mechanic for American Airlines. He exercised regularly at World Gym in Bentonville."

DC gun ban lift empowers women: "Citizens in the District of Columbia had plenty of reason to celebrate over July 4th weekend. In addition to our nation's birthday, countless barbeques, and a fabulous fireworks display, citizens of D.C. could finally enjoy their rights as set forth in the Bill of Rights. For more than thirty years, D.C. has robbed its citizens of their Second Amendment rights through a draconian handgun ban. And D.C.'s gun restrictions don't stop at handguns. D.C. also requires shotguns and rifles to be bound by a trigger lock or kept unloaded and disassembled. So much for home protection."

TX: Guns may be allowed at colleges: "Texans might soon be able to pack heat on college campuses. That is just one of several proposals that could reach lawmakers next year as they -- and legislators nationwide -- explore broadening some gun laws. 'It addresses personal protection,' said state Rep. Joe Driver, R-Garland, who heads the House committee that considers gun bills. 'People who do things [like the Virginia Tech shooting] basically know they are walking into a gun-free zone.'"

Meditations on the scripture and our right to defend ourselves: "Throughout history, the builder has frequently also had to defend what they have built against those who do not want the building done. Sometimes it is a spiritual 'building project,' and sometimes it is a physical project with a spiritual aspect. Whether it was the Anasazi defending their cliff dwellings against nomadic raiders, a contractor protecting his equipment and job-site against eco-freak 'monkeywrenchers,' or an inner-city ministry defending their chapel against a street gang, they can all appreciate the situation in the rebuilding of Jerusalem 2500 years ago. Prayer is essential; it is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of the believer. But Nehemiah and his fellow builders in Jerusalem were careful to recognize that faith inspires works. As Nehemiah 4:15 records, they stood watch against their enemies 'with their swords, spears, and bows.'"

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