Sunday, July 13, 2008

Utah: Aggressive man shot: "Mays, of Salt Lake City, was shot by George R. Harrison, 59, at Mama's Southern Plantation restaurant, police say. Harrison holds a concealed-weapon permit and works security there part time, but was not on duty. Harrison couldn't be reached for comment Thursday. Police said the confrontation started when Mays yelled at the restaurant patrons. Harrison argued with Mays, who then dropped his backpack and appeared to reach for a weapon in his pants. Harrison "believ[ed] he was going to be shot," a police report states. He pulled out his gun and shot Mays once in the torso, killing him. Harrison was released without being arrested, and Salt Lake police spokesman Jeff Bedard said the district attorney will decide whether to file charges."

AZ: Napolitano vetoes bill affirming RKBA in cars: "Arizonans without state permits will not be able to carry loaded guns under the seats of their cars. Gov. Janet Napolitano on Monday vetoed legislation that would have made cars and trucks the same as someone's home, where you could have a gun anywhere, visible or not. The governor said the measure 'would have added to the level of uncertainty and danger law enforcement officers who make traffic stops already face in the line of duty.' But Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, said existing law already allows people to carry holstered weapons in places not visible to someone outside the car .... He said his measure would just have simplified the law so as not to make criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens."

While Bloomberg frets about our guns, NYPD can't keep track of theirs: "Anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg should 'mind his own store before telling others how to operate theirs,' said the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, after an audit found that the New York Police Department lost track of dozens of guns in its own storage lockers. 'While this guy has been bullying gun dealers around the country about so-called 'slip-shod' operations,' chuckled CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, 'his own police department seems to be slipping quite a bit on its own.'"

Mindful Musings: "So why am I concerned about the history of the 'V' sign? It's just this. As gunnies, as members of the armed citizenry of the Republic of the united States, we too need a symbol. Something as short, sweet and powerful as the 'v.' Something that can be painted on the side of a building, or across the face of an anti-gun billboard or re-election sign of a gun grabbing politician. Something powerful. Something easy. Something even a bit scary to collectivists with frayed nerves so as to disturb their beauty sleep. Think of it as freedom gang sign."

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