Sunday, July 06, 2008

Utah man foils burglars - in his underwear, with a shotgun: "Still, West Valley City homeowner Tony Gamonal managed to foil burglars when he took out after them with a shotgun -- and wearing only his boxer shorts. 2News reports today that he surprised the burglars, then armed himself to give chase. A nearby police officer joined him, eventually capturing one of the pair, a woman. The second suspect, a man, remained at large. Gamonal says it wasn't until the capture that he realized he was outside, in the street, in his underwear. "I looked down and said, 'Oh man . . . here I am,'" he told 2News. Gamonal says this is the second time robbers have targeted his home in two weeks. The last time, the hinges were cut off his gate and up to $10,000 worth of property was stolen. The fence around his home has also been vandalized with spray-paint. He says he's had it. And he plans to protect his home -- regardless of what he is, or is not, wearing. "If you can't be safe in your own home, where can you be?" Gamonal says. "There was no doubt; I was so mad that I would have shot them."

Texas storage owner shoots at would-be thieves: "A would-be theft suspect was apparently hurt while trying to break into the Storage Facilities in northwest Harris County early Tuesday morning. Danny Colwell has owned the business at 6900 Guhn Road for 12 years. He said he heard a saw the morning of the reported theft and decided to investigate. “The gate was halfway closed and I blocked the rest of the gate with my truck and then I walked around the corner. I thought it was one of the tenants working.” Colwell said he picked up his gun and rounded the corner expecting a tenant. He found a thief instead. “I kind of panicked, you know, and fired a shot and then the guy I guess dropped the saw,” said Colwell. The reported thief was hurt. It's not clear if he was shot or wounded while trying to cut into the building. He did, however, jump in a van and then ram Colwell's vehicle and a fence before driving off.. the suspect's burnt-out van was found later on Ella near Beltway 8. No suspects are in custody."

Tennessee: Robbery ends when restaurant manager shoots suspect: "Two men tried to rob an Nashville Sonic restaurant, but an assistant manager pulled out a gun and fired shots, causing the suspects to flee. Police believe that one or both of the suspects was wounded. Metro police Capt. Michele Donegan said that at approximately 10:30 p.m. Thursday, two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, went inside the Sonic at 1410 Robinson Road, in Old Hickory. Several employees were at the restaurant, and numerous customers were at the tables outside and at the drive-ups. The armed suspect showed the gun. The assistant manager then pulled out a gun and fired several shots, Donegan said. The two men fled out the door without firing. Police are still looking for them. After police arrived on the scene, they followed a blood trail leading across the parking and ending at a car wash. Police think that there was probably a third person with a car that they fled in. Police searched the wooded area behind the car wash using the canine and helicopter units to be sure."

Texas woman shoots attacker in the face: "An Austin woman credits her handgun and her own quick thinking with saving her life after she shot a man who was trying to attack her. Leonie Burgos said the man scaled a fence outside her apartment near Barton Skyway and South Lamar. When Burgos saw the man jump the fence, she ran inside and grabbed her .38 caliber pistol. She went back outside to see if the man had left. She said that's when he attacked her by tackling her to the ground from behind. Bergos said she shot the man only after trying to scare him with the gun first. "First I tried to point it up in his face so that he would see that I had a gun so he would take off running," said Burgos. "But he didn't." Burgos said the man continued to hold her down and the two struggled. She said she pulled the trigger three times and did not know if she hit the man. He ran away before police arrived. Thirty minutes later, a man went to the emergency room at Brackenridge Hospital with a gunshot wound to the face. Hospital personnel called police. An arrest warrant said Christopher Benavides,20, told police he intended to steal the woman's cell phone and sell it for cash before he was shot. Benavides had two warrants out for his arrest at the time of the attack"

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