Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Florida: Wanted felon shot: "Dozens of officers responded to a Plant City neighborhood this morning after a wanted felon was spotted there. The search ended with that suspect shot in the foot. Hillsborough County deputies had issued an alert for Christopher Collins in connection with a robbery and violation of probation. Plant City police say he had also stolen a handgun and bulletproof vests from the homes of deputies. Police used reverse 911 calls to warn residents that an armed suspect was loose in the area, and based on tips, investigators were able to narrow their search. It was around 8 a.m. when Collins was spotted running through back yards, and that's when he allegedly broke into a home on Dawnmeadow Court, apparently trying to hide. The homeowner, upon his return, did not welcome the intruder. "He came home to check on his daughter when he discovered the window broken out of his house. So he armed himself with his handgun and checked the house, where he was confronted," explained Sgt. Dale Peterson of the Plant City Police Department. The homeowner -- whose name is not being released -- shot Collins in the foot. Collins was arrested nearby and taken to South Florida Baptist Hospital. The 33-year-old has several charges of armed burglary and grand theft on his record."

Texas homeowner shoots, injures intruder: "A 21-year-old man who police said broke into a Northwest Side residence late Monday night was critically wounded after the homeowner shot him once in the chest. The man, who was not immediately identified, was taken to University Hospital, San Antonio Police Sgt. Dave Berrigan said. Berrigan said officers responded about 9:30 p.m. to the Retreat at Ingram Hills subdivision in the 6500 block of Arrid Pass after receiving two emergency calls, one for a break-in and the other for a shooting. A woman who lives at the residence was home alone with her 18-month-old baby when she heard noises, Berrigan said. The woman looked through the front door peephole and saw a man trying to break in, Berrigan said. A few minutes later, after calling authorities, the woman heard sounds at the garage door, which was closed. She then called her husband, who arrived within minutes with a 9 mm pistol, Berrigan said. The husband entered through a back door, which remained ajar, and the would-be intruder followed. The two had a brief altercation in the kitchen, and the homeowner told him to leave. But instead, the intruder tried to "buck up against" the homeowner, Berrigan said, at which point he was shot in the chest.

NRA sues S.F. to overturn gun ban in public housing: "A day after the Supreme Court struck down Washington's gun ban, the National Rifle Associated sued to overturn a San Francisco law prohibiting firearms in the city's public housing projects. It also plans to file similar lawsuits in Chicago and its suburbs. The Associated Press reports that an unidentified gay gun owner joined the NRA's lawsuit on Friday, arguing he keeps a weapon to defend himself from "sexual orientation hate crimes." In April, the California Supreme Court upheld a lower-court ruling that invalidated a broader ban on firearms approved by San Francisco voters in 2005. The measure would have forbidden the possession, manufacture, sale or distribution of any firearms or ammunition in the city. The NRA led the opposition to that measure, suing the day after it passed".

DC v. Heller: Not about guns, about self-governance and safer streets: "There is no such thing as a sensible gun law, and gun bans are a fake-out fraud and abuse of power. Unwind Gun Bans and you begin to unwind other abuses so adverse to Family and Liberty. The Second Amendment to our Constitution was made absolute for several reasons. In fact, the Second Amendment wasn't even written for citizens. I get a predictable reaction from talk radio hosts when I say this, but follow-up clears it all up. Gun control is a European concept totally inappropriate for the Founders who escaped that kind of thinking at the nation's inception. Let's call it for what it is: Gun Bans are a fraud of window dressing and control. Gun bans are a fake-out and abuse of power backed by official Force, and the Supreme Court just struck down a fake-out and abuse of power."

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