Monday, July 07, 2008

Florida: Intended Victim Kills Robber: "The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has identified the man shot to death at an Arlington apartment complex as Robert Pinkney, 20. Investigators say they were called to the Summer Oak apartments around 11:46 Sunday night. The apartments are located in the 5300 block of the Arlington Expressway. Officials say when they arrived they found Pinkney shot dead in the parking lot. According to police, a man who lives in the apartments says Pinkney tried to rob him. That's when he told police he pulled a gun and shot the would be robber. The JSO says they are questioning several people at the apartment building. The State Attorney's Office is investigating whether this was a case of self defense.

Illinois: Man shoots drunk neighbor: "A Lake Saint Louis man says he shot an intruder that turned out to be his neighbor. Police said they received a call around 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning from the homeowner, who lives alone in the Harbor Town condominiums located on the western edge of Lake Saint Louis. They arrived to the scene to find the next-door neighbor laying on the floor, shot in the knee and pelvis. When questioned by police, the homeowner said he was sleeping upstairs when he heard a noise, grabbed his gun and found a person in his downstairs kitchen. The homeowner warned the man three times to not move or he would shoot, police said, but the man continued to approach the homeowner, who was on the staircase. Police said they suspect the man had been drinking, as his speech was slurred and he smelled of alcohol. He was taken to SSM St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Charles and is expected to recover. The case is still under investigation, and the names of both men were not released. Police do not suspect the homeowner of foul play.

FL: Fed up families police neighborhood : "“Families in a crime-ridden Central Florida neighborhood are arming themselves with shotguns and talking about adding electric barbed wire to stop thieves targeting their homes.’Somebody is going to end up getting hurt,’ resident Andrea Fine said. ‘The homeowners are tense. We are all on edge. For the first time in my life I’m really scared to live in my home.’ Homeowners living near and on Sanford Avenue in Sanford said crime is so bad that some of them have been robbed three times. … The city’s police chief said he is working on a solution.”

Regulating Guns Out of Existence: "Sunday's Los Angeles Times brought us as glorious an example of ivory-tower impracticality as ever put forth, this one by a pair of university professors who, if one may judge from their curricula vitae, are well steeped in academic theory but lacking sufficient practical experience to realize what they propose is manifestly absurd. Under this plan, no specific course of action would be imposed on gun makers. Rather, Congress would require the manufacturers themselves to devise ways to reach "performance targets" of reductions in the number of firearm deaths. They might achieve these goals, the authors say, by "add[ing] trigger locks to their guns, or to work only with dealers who meet certain standards of responsibility. They might withdraw their semiautomatic weapons from the consumer market, or even work hand in hand with local officials to fight gangs and increase youth employment opportunities. Surely they will think up new strategies once they have a legal obligation and financial incentive to take responsibility for the harm their products cause."

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