Thursday, July 24, 2008

Missouri: Neighbor Fights off Would-be Grocery Store Burglars: "Surveillance video shows a bizarre "break-in" at a grocery store in Butler County. Thieves try to cash in fast by taking off with an ATM. The crooks tried using a truck as a battering ram, and brought down the front of the store. But owners say thanks to a quick thinking neighbor, those would-be burglars left empty handed. "I heard this loud, excruciatingly loud bang across the street," Robert Chavez said. That's when he sprang into action. "I got my gun out of my gun cabinet and told my wife to call 911. I walked outside, and fired a shot in the air just to ruffle their feathers," he said. It did. The would-be-burglars sped away and investigator Jim Akers says deputies found the truck abandoned on a county road. Before they left though, Chavez had a scare of his own. "He pulled out and faced me, the truck did. I felt at that point, I'm in imminent danger, and it scared me. I fired a slug through the windshield of his truck, and put one in the grill and passenger side door," Chavez said. The Butler County Sheriff says he believes there were three people in the truck, but investigators have no suspects at this time."

Florida: Home invasion suspect shot, killed by resident; four others arrested: "One of two men who forced their way into a Williston-area home early Wednesday was shot to death by one of the home’s occupants, a shooting that authorities described as self-defense. The second suspected intruder, along with three alleged accomplices, are in jail after an investigation by Marion County sheriff’s deputies of the attempted home invasion robbery. Investigators said the home invasion occurred about 2:30 a.m. at the home Roger Dan Garrison, 49, in the 19000 block of Northwest County Road 335. Two of the suspects, Jonathan Gaal, 19, of Ocala, and Brian Bond, 19, of Summerfield, forced their way inside as three alleged accomplices awaited nearby in a car. According to sheriff’s investigators, Garrison’s brother, Martin Randy Garrison, 54, was asleep on a couch in the living room and had a .25-caliber handgun under the couch. When Gaal pointed a handgun at Martin Garrison, the older man fired three shots at Gaal at point-blank range. Gaal ran out of the home, but collapsed and died in the front yard.... Fisher said that investigators recovered Gaal’s cell phone and answered it when calls came in. That led investigators to the four suspects, who Fisher said cooperated with investigators and gave statements. “They came in believing that they were just part of a burglary,” Fisher said. “They had no idea about the homicide or that Gaal had died.” Gaal was the nephew of Jackie Bellomy Jr., 48, of Williston, who investigators believe helped Gaal and Bond get into the home. Wednesday afternoon, sheriff’s officials arrested Bellomy Jr., Bond, Albert Rodriguez, 21, of Belleview, and Richard Bellomy, 24, of Williston, another nephew, for second-degree murder and armed home invasion.

Ohio: Moving men best would-be robber: "One determined store owner. Eleven bulky employees to back him up. And a nervous would-be robber pointing a gun at them. The result? A very bad attempt at robbery, said Raymond Palma, 37, owner of D& R Moving. The botched robbery Wednesday morning sent the alleged robber to the hospital with two self-inflicted gunshot wounds, no money and a charge of aggravated robbery. “This ought to be on ‘Dumbest Criminals,’ Palma said. “To come into a moving company with men who lift and haul things for a living – 12 guys, five or six bullets. You do the math.” The robber, identified as Ahmad Parker [above], 21, of Roselawn, was in surgery at University Hospital Wednesday evening for gunshot wounds to the leg and arm, Cincinnati police said. Palma said when Parker walked into the business, 465 Elberon Ave., around 9 a.m. and pointed a .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol, demanding everyone empty their pockets, Palma thought he was joking. “Then he said it again and put the gun right to my head and that’s when I knew he’s not kidding anymore,” Palma said. “But you could just tell he was a rookie. He hesitated for a couple seconds and he didn’t know what the heck he was doing, apparently.” The handgun’s safety was still on until Parker noticed it halfway through the robbery, Palma said. He said he waited until Parker turned his head then grabbed the gun. Four employees joined in. During the scuffle, the gun went off several times, striking Parker twice and an employee once."

IL: Wilmette expected to repeal handgun ban: "The village board in north suburban Wilmette Tuesday is expected to repeal the community's handgun ban.The ban has not been enforced since last month's U.s. Supreme court ruling affirming individual gun ownership rights under the Second Amendment.Repeal of the 19-year-old ban is being done quietly, in stark contrast to the intense debate that marked its 1989 passage and subsequent enforcement. No one indicated a desire to speak on the ban when the repeal ordinance was introduced two weeks ago, either from the public or on the board.Village President Chris Canning said he has not heard any impassioned arguments for or against keeping it since the Supreme Court's ruling."

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