Saturday, July 05, 2008

Florida homeowner shoots robbers: "A Hialeah homeowner turned the table on two would-be robbers Wednesday, leaving one of the men dead. Hialeah police said two men attempted to force their way inside a home at 728 W. 53rd St. shortly before noon. "The suspects who came to the home . apparently did not know that the home was occupied," said Hialeah police Detective Carl Zogby. "The victim confronted the suspects and shot both of them." One of the men attempted to get away, but he collapsed a short distance away and died. The second man was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center in critical condition. Neither man has been identified. Police sources said they are not considering criminal charges against the homeowner, claiming he was acting in self-defense."

WA: Trailer trash shooting ruled self defense: "Saying the case was simply too weak to take to trial, prosecutors on Thursday dropped all charges against Kevin Welsh - who fatally shot a Longview man in September after their wives got into a fight... Trouble began when Welsh's wife, Kim, yelled a slanderous remark at Korena Milloy while the Milloys were entering Korena Milloy's parent's mobile home. The Welshes live in the same mobile home park as Korena Milloy's parents. Kevin Welsh and Daniel Milloy, 42, had words and Kevin Welsh then pulled a pistol and threatened to shot Daniel Milloy. Daniel Milloy returned to his in-laws' home, but Korena Milloy was still upset and went to the Welsh trailer where Kim Welsh struck her with a baseball bat. Daniel Milloy went in after his wife, followed by Kevin Milloy who had retrieved his gun. Korena Milloy said her husband was trying to protect her and pulling her off of Kim Welsh. Welsh told police he shot Daniel Milloy after he saw his wife's bloody face and Daniel Milloy moved toward him. Korena Milloy and her parents said he also pointed the gun at them. As DNA evidence came back from the state crime lab, investigators found Kim Welsh's blood on Daniel Milloy's hand, which helped Welsh's self-defense case. Korena Milloy contends the blood was transferred when her husband separated the two women, but Baur said there's no way to prove that with conflicting versions of the altercation."

Guns still elusive for D.C. residents: "Days after the Supreme Court ruled that residents of the nation's capital can keep handguns at home for self-defense, George Harley walked out of a Maryland gun shop disheartened, his goal of legally having a gun to protect his family put on hold. Since before Harley, 30, was born, the District of Columbia has restricted its residents' ownership of handguns. After the high court's ruling was handed down late last month, Harley was one of several dozen Washington residents who came to the Atlantic Guns shop in Silver Spring, Md., just over the district line, to ask about buying a gun. They were all told the same thing: Go home. "Presently, there's no change to anything," said Atlantic Guns owner Stephen Schneider. "There's no procedure in place for them to purchase a handgun because regulations haven't been written." Washington Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has vowed to have the strictest gun laws possible, and the city's plans for the registration process, expected to be released in about two weeks, is being closely watched".

Good if it works: "Parts of St. Louis will soon be covered by a gunshot-detection system that can even tell investigators if the shooter was standing still or moving. Using sound-recognition software, the ShotSpotter system claims to pinpoint the location of gunfire. It quickly alerts police by sending the location and details about how many shots were fired. California-based ShotSpotter Inc., which manufactures the device, says it uses something called "acoustic triangulation," audio sensors to locate where gunshots were fired. The St. Louis Police Department issued a news release Monday, singing the praises of the new system. "Within 15 seconds of gunshots," the police description says, "the computer system in patrol cars will alert officers of the address closest to where the gunshots came from. The system also determines how many shots were fired, and pinpoints whether the shooter was in the front, back or on the side of the building and even whether the shooter was moving or standing still."

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