Friday, July 04, 2008

Virginia: Woman shoots ex-boyfriend: "An ongoing case of domestic violence turned bloody Monday morning, when a man was shot in the shoulder by his former girlfriend after he allegedly broke in to her Capron home, police said Tuesday. Derrick Edward "Rick" Miller, 43, formerly of Brandy Pond Road in Capron, is recovering from a gunshot wound at a hospital in Greenville, N.C. According to Detective Cpl. Richard Morris, spokesman for the Southampton County Sheriff's Office, Miller's ex-girlfriend shot him with a .357 Magnum when he allegedly tried to attack her after breaking through her front door early Monday morning. He then left the scene and went to Como, N.C. From there, he was transported to an Ahoskie, N.C., hospital and then flown to the Greenville medical facility for further treatment. The woman called police at 1:42 a.m. to report the alleged break-in and the shooting. Police have charged Miller with breaking and entering in the nighttime and violation of a protective order in connection with Monday's events"

Mississippi oldster shoots burglar: "An elderly west Jackson resident who was attacked by a burglar two years ago shot a man Wednesday he suspected of breaking into his Pleasant Avenue home. Police say the resident, identified by relatives as 71-year-old Edwin Chinn, was protecting himself when he shot Ricky Braggs. Braggs, 34, has been accused of breaking into Chinn's home through his kitchen window just before noon Wednesday. Chinn's home is near Galloway Elementary School and the Player and Playerettes Club. Police said Braggs lived in the neighborhood. Jackson police said Chinn shot Braggs once in the abdomen and once in the arm. Bullet holes were visible through the wall on the south side of the house. Following the shooting, Braggs ran about two blocks before collapsing behind a house in the 1900 block near Woodrow Wilson Boulevard. He was taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center. "His wounds are not considered life-threatening," Jackson police spokesman Sgt. Jeffery Scott said. Police will charge Braggs with house burglary once he is released from the hospital, Scott said. Investigators detained Chinn for questioning but did not charge him, citing the Castle Doctrine law that allows residents to defend themselves and their property against perceived attacks... Braggs was convicted in Hinds County in August 1995 on two counts of business burglary and sentenced to four years in prison"

Indiana shooting justified: "No charges will be filed in the shooting death of a Greene County man. County Prosecutor Jarrod Holtsclaw says after a review of the case no criminal charges will be filed against Michael Gallagher II. Gallagher shot Jarrett Nicholson last weekend during an argument and fight inside Gallagher's home. Holtsclaw said that Gallagher's use of force was justified. Nicholson was on top of Gallagher punching him in the head when the fatal gunshot was fired. Nicholson had broken into Gallagher's home and threatened to kill him before the confrontation began."

Florida Disney is anti-gun: "Walt Disney World believes it is exempt from a new state law that allows Florida residents to keep firearms in their vehicles while at work, according to an internal memo obtained by a newspaper. Under the bill, which took effect Tuesday, businesses cannot prohibit employees or customers from keeping a legally owned gun locked inside their cars, as long as the owner has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. However, the bill states that property owned or leased by an employer who has a permit required by federal law to manufacture, use, store or move explosives would still be off limits. Disney has a permit for its fireworks shows".

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I don't own a gun myself since I've suffered from depression all of my life...However, I do believe in the individuals right to self defense nor do I have a problem with sensible gun restrictions...For its not the pistol packing gun owner who has taken the time to get a gun permit and visits a firing range from time to time that I fear so much as the criminal who intentionally carries an illegal gun with malicious intent...

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