Saturday, October 10, 2009

Colorado: Homeowner Opens Fire on Burglar: "Police are trying to find a man that has broken in twice to the same house, where the homeowner chased and shot at him. On Oct. 2, the man tried breaking into Guy Sitzman's home the second time and was caught him on tape. Sitzman was watching security tapes from the previous hour in his computer room, when toward the end of the tape the system went back to "live" mode, and Sitzman noticed a man walking around the side of his house. That's when he saw the man leaving through his back door carrying a rifle and a pistol. Despite his initial fear, Sitzman said he grabbed another gun and ran after him. "I ran out back and fired two shots off at him." The man dropped the items he stole from Sitzman's house and took off."

TX: Intruder shot by homeowner, dies after car-crash getaway: "What started early Thursday morning as a home invasion has ended in the death of the alleged intruder. Just after 5 a.m., Bexar County Sheriff's deputies responded to the scene in the 11400 block of South Foster Road. Deputies say 24-year-old Cardell Deon Joseph [above] broke through the front door of a home there, and that's when the homeowner shot him once in the intruder's rib cage area. They say the Joseph then ran from the house and drove away, but he then crashed his vehicle a few blocks away. According to reports, the suspect was still talking after the crash, and asked the homeowners for help. But Joseph later died at the scene. It's unclear whether the crash or the gunshot wound was the major factor in his death. Bexar County records show that Joseph was in trouble before. He was arresed for evading arrest and possession of marijuana."

New Hampshire homeowner chases away intruder with shotgun: "A man shooed away a burglar with a shotgun, police said. The homeowner, who state police did not identify, came home Thursday morning to find a young man at the side door of the residence, state police said Friday in a press release. The man said he knew the homeowner's son and had left a belonging there a few days earlier, state police said. But the homeowner asked the man to return when his son came home and shut his door, state police said. Moments later, the homeowner heard noises in his living room and entered to find the man shuffling through items, state police said. The homeowner got a shotgun and chased the man out of the house, state police said. State police are now searching for the suspected burglar. He is described as a young white male, about 16-17 years old, and wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt with a blue baseball cap."

Guns on campus and violence prevention centers: "When bureaucrats consult other bureaucrats, they intentionally exclude one of the greatest allies they can ever find: citizens who have found a solution that works. I have written on how this cocoon of insulation from other viewpoints works adversely to the purpose of violence prevention, and in a recently completed essay I’ve added to my e-book edition of Safe Streets, I put it like this: today’s young generation believes in remaining in its own cocoon comfort zone and hand-wringing more than moving into actual adult safety, and they exhibit this by remarks of dread and by examining everything but the solution that works.”

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