Saturday, October 03, 2009

NJ: Revenge likely motive for fatal home invasion: "A New Jersey man who was shot and killed during a home invasion in Halifax Friday morning was likely seeking revenge for a two decade-old domestic dispute, according to Halifax County Sheriff Jeff Frazier. The investigation is ongoing into details of the 1988 dispute between Marcel Alston, of Halifax, and Carlton L. Burgess, 61, of Lumberton, N.J. Frazier said. Investigators said that a knock woke up Alston around 7 a.m. at his house at 5524 U.S. Highway 301, where he lives alone. When Alston opened the door, Burgess, who had a gun, began assaulting Alston. Alston got away and was climbing up the stairs when Burgess fired, striking his victim in the buttocks, investigators said. Alston managed to get to his bedroom and got out a gun he kept there. Burgess followed Alston into the bedroom, and Alston fatally shot him in the upper torso, according to investigators. According to a 911 call, Alston went to a neighbor's for help after the shootings. In addition to a gunshot wound, Alston suffered a gash on the head. He was undergoing surgery at Halifax Regional Hospital Friday afternoon. His condition was stable, Frazier said. Frazier said the killing appeared to be a case of self-defense."

FL: Aggressive black shot: "According to a Leon County Sheriff's Office investigation, the July 29 shooting occurred at about 9:15 p.m. at 11904 Mahan Dr. when Gardner refused to leave the home of Judith Davis and Greg Moss. Gardner reportedly had come to the home asking for a beer. He received one and was asked to leave. He became verbally and physically aggressive with Davis, and Moss tried getting between them. Gardner pushed Moss onto the kitchen floor prompting Moss to get his .38 caliber handgun from his bedroom. Davis called the sheriff's office as Moss confronted Gardner in the kitchen. When Gardner charged him. Moss fired a single shot that hit Gardner in the upper abdomen. Gardner still managed to knock Moss to the floor and take the gun from him. Gardner pointed the gun at Moss's head and then fled. Gardner hid the gun in the bumper of a trailer and collapsed in the driveway, where deputies found him."

PA: End of an era for a fixture in Phila. gun trade: "This week, a small sign appeared on the front door of Colosimo's Gun Center, three handwritten words that said "Closed for inventory." But his gun shop, for decades a fixture on Spring Garden Street, wasn't merely closed - as of yesterday, it was officially out of business. Colosimo closed the shop as part of a federal plea agreement last month over "straw" purchases, in which a person with a clean record legally buys a gun, then passes it to someone barred from making purchases, such as a convicted felon. Long before the demonstrators took up residence, before Philadelphia streets became awash in blood and handguns, before the federal government sent informants inside to buy, Colosimo's was a well-known, respected business - and its owners part of the color of the city."

TN: Gun banners “threatened” by emails: "Two smalltime local politicians in Tennessee, Knox County Commissioner Amy Broyles and Knoxville City Councilwoman Barbara Pelot publicly supported a weapons ban in county and city parks. To the surprise of no one, except, apparently, Broyles and Pelot, the pair’s computer inboxes have reaped a whirlwind of protest from their fellow citizens who believe in the right to arm themselves for self-protection. A sample message received by Broyles: ‘Who do you think you are anyway? The next rape, the next robbery, the next murder on a bike trail is going to hang around your pretty little neck, my dear. Trust me.’ Like micromanaging politicos everywhere whose dictatorial decisions run afoul of folks who believe in freedom, they quickly played the victim card by branding the mostly anonymous emails as ‘ugly’ and ‘threatening.’”

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