Friday, October 23, 2009

OH: Woman, 70, kills intruder at motel: "The 70-year-old woman who shot a would-be robber at a North Side motel last night is attending the All-American Quarter Horse Congress today and feels sick about the shooting, according to her son. … Sgt. Eric Pilya of the homicide squad said the woman was in a motel room with four or five others and they’d cracked open the door to get fresh air. Pilya said a man barged into the room, demanding money from those inside. Police said the woman, from southern Ohio, grabbed a gun that she had in the room and shot Wayne Winston, 25, of Columbus, who staggered into the parking lot of the motel and died. … No charges had been filed. Pilya said it’s likely that the case will be presented to a Franklin County grand jury to see whether the woman should be charged.”

SC: Gun-toting elderly woman scares off home invaders: "Bonnie woke up late Wednesday night when she heard a noise in her utility room. Two people had broken in the back door. But they were the ones spooked by Bonnie’s quick thinking. ‘I live by myself, so I screamed my son’s name: ‘Charles, get the gun!” Bonnie recalled. Charles wasn’t there. But her gun, a loaded .38 revolver, was. She ran back to the bedroom to get it and call 911. The whole time, advice from her late husband was running through her mind. ‘My husband told me to pull the trigger and keep shooting,’ she said. ‘And if they’d have come toward me …’ But they didn’t. The screams, threats, and Bonnie’s strong will drove them back out the door. ‘I’ve never been scared, and I’ve never thought I had reason to be,’ Bonnie said. ‘You just never think it’s going to happen to you. It happens to other people.’”

Ohio: Home invader shot and killed, police still hunting for accomplices: "A man was shot and killed during a home invasion attempt late last night, Oct. 15, but police are still hunting for his two accomplices. Police say three black males wearing hooded sweatshirts and Halloween masks broke into the home at 214 W. Southern Avenue around 11:30 p.m. However, the homeowner wasn't helpless -- he fired at the armed invaders, killing 26-year-old DeMarkis Jones. The other two men fled the scene."

Virginia: Woman's gun persuasive: "After a month of little crime, the Goochland Sheriff's Office received a call from a Whitehall Rd. resident during the early hours of Oct. 3. According the Sheriff Jim Agnew, the woman was home alone and reported to deputies that someone had attempted to break into her house by entering through the front door. The woman called a second time, telling deputies that there was another attempt to enter her home, upon which the woman exercised her Second Amendment rights and drew a pistol on the man. Deputies quickly apprehended Timothy Justin Tirado, 25, of Goochland, who is charged with burglary. At that time, Agnew said deputies had not yet found a passenger who was seen in Tirado's car. Deputies remained in the area, looking for Tirado's partner. "Around sunrise, we got a call from another resident off Forest Grove Rd.," Agnew said, "who said somebody was in the basement." Tirado's partner, Valerie Lee Oliver, 32, of Chesterfield, had emerged from the basement, greeting the homeowner who had just poured herself a cup of coffee to start her morning. Oliver is charged with breaking and entering with the intent to commit a misdemeanor and petit larceny. "They were both very intoxicated," Agnew alleged. A sheriff's report stated that Oliver was wanted for a probation violation from Dinwiddie, and Agnew said both have prior histories."

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