Monday, October 19, 2009

FL: Man Arrested As Accomplice of Home Invasion Suspect Shot By 81-Year Old: "A Brewton man has been arrested and charged with taking part in a burglary and home invasion gone bad that left his partner dead, shot by an 81-year old man. Hunter Madden, 24, was charged last week with burglary first degree. Authorities said Madden dropped Jeremy Paul McCall, 35, off at the home of Ralph and Shirley Burkett on Highway 31 north of Brewton about 3 a.m. on Monday, October 12. McCall threatened the couple and demanded money, but 81-year old Ralph Burkett shot and killed him with one round from a .357 Magnum. Madden reportedly watched from nearby as emergency workers responded to the scene on Highway 31 north of Brewton. He was being held in the Escambia County (Ala.) Detention Center on $50,000 bond. McCall had been released from a Nebraska jail less than 48 hours before the incident. He was jailed on narcotics charges. Authorities said he had a crack cocaine addiction, and that he was facing two pending drug cases in Escambia County (Ala.). His rap sheet includes several drug crimes, assault, domestic violence and theft. The shooting will go to a grand jury, but the sheriff does not believe either of the Burketts will be charged."

MD: Female accomplice shot in robbery: "A woman found at a Hereford gas station bleeding from a gunshot wound was actually shot during a botched robbery in Pennsylvania Friday night and had been left behind by her accomplice, Pennsylvania state police said. The woman had been shot by the owner of a Shrewsbury, Pa., jewelry store a short time earlier during an attempted armed robbery, said the Pennsylvania State Police. Her name was withheld pending formal charges of attempted armed robbery, they said. The woman and another person had entered a jewelry store in Shrewsbury on Friday, a Pennsylvania police detective said. She pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the store employee. The employee reportedly pulled out his own gun and fired at least one shot, hitting the woman in the back. An investigation by Pennsylvania police and their counterparts in Baltimore County concluded the wounded woman was taken from the store by her accomplice, believed to be a male, and driven south in an unknown vehicle to Hereford and dropped off at the gas station, the detective said. The accomplice remains at large."

TN: Gun owner talks instead of shooting (Must be an Obama follower): "Friday night was a busy night for Chattanooga Police, and all in the same neighborhood. Between 9pm and 11pm, they responded to two separate shootings along portions of Glass Street. The second shooting that night was a home invasion turned shooting happened at the intersection of Campbell and Glass Streets. Police say the man who lives there was walking into his front door when three black men rushed in behind him. He tried to close them out, but police say the men forced their way in and chased him through the house with shotguns. Officers tell us when the homeowner announced he too was armed, one of the men shot him. Crews rushed him to Erlanger with injuries to his hand, abdomen and groin. We caught up with the homeowner, Leon Holmes as he was coming home from the hospital, where he told us, "I'm a blessed man to be alive, me and my wife both." We learned from officers just how lucky Holmes was. Chattanooga Police Department spokesperson Rebecca Royval says the gun used to shoot Holmes wasn't filled with real bullets, but bird shot. She says had there been regular bullets inside, his injuries would have been much worse. Police are still looking for suspects."

Bureaucratic oppression of gun owners: "The government wants to control our health care and now wants to control our guns. A clear intrusion on Second Amendment rights, HR 45 which was introduced on January 6, would make you claim guns on tax returns and go through a slew of hurdles with the Attorney General with whatever they "deem fit." Most of the regulations are spelled out on an the informational website, and the article can be found here as well as The second amendment says that we have a right to bear arms for self defense. We should not have to appease government officials to do so either. The Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act (HR 45) was introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL). The bill will regulate federally what kind of firearms that you can own and how they are stored. Firearm owners will have to be tested and records of fingerprints and photos will be kept. Clearly this is criminalizing gun owners. Who will violate these laws? People who violate laws anyhow, criminals. The Attorney General and others in office are supposed to defend the Constitution, not violate it. Gun bans do not keep guns off the street. Keeping criminals off the street keep guns off the street. Guns are available. They will always be available. The question is are they available for defense or are they available for offense and use in crimes?"

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