Friday, October 02, 2009

OK: Woman shot after reportedly throwing hammer through window: "A woman was shot after she allegedly threw a hammer through a window at her ex-boyfriend’s house Wednesday evening, police said. The woman, whose name was not immediately released but who reportedly is in her mid-20s, was taken to St. Francis Hospital. Police Capt. Randy Hughes said her wounds were serious but that she is expected to survive. The former boyfriend, whose name was not immediately available, told police that he and the woman had argued earlier in the evening at his house in the 9900 block of East 23rd Street. Police were called to the house after that argument, but the woman had left before officers arrived, Hughes said. The man said she returned around 8:15 p.m. and threw a hammer through a window. Thinking his house was being broken into, he fired a shotgun, loaded with birdshot, through the window twice, he told police. The woman was struck in the head, neck and shoulder area, Hughes said. She was able to get back into a sport utility vehicle and drive away, he said. Police stopped the vehicle nearby, Hughes said, and the woman was then taken by ambulance to the hospital. Police took the man to the Detective Division downtown for questioning. Police are investigating whether the shooting was in self-defense, Hughes said."

MI: Home invaders shot: "Montcalm County Sheriff's deputies were called out on a report of a domestic dispute in the 7800 block of Edgar Road in June 2008 where a woman said she was being threatened by Stevens. The woman called friend James Godbehere, and he was on the telephone with dispatchers when Stevens and his son, 24-year-old Zachary Stevens attempted to break into the home, according to police records. The father and son got into the house through another door. Inside the home at the time of the incident were two children and others who hid while Godbehere brandished a handgun. Robert Stevens had a club and was warned by Godbehere to get out of the house, according to witnesses. Robert Stevens was eventually shot in the leg while Zachary Stevens allegedly attacked Godbehere and was shot in the chest, dying not far from the home shortly after being shot. Krause declined to charge Godbehere saying he acted in self-defense."

TN: Knox County Commission votes to allow guns in parks: "Knox County Commission today voted 13-5 in favor of allowing handgun permit holders to carry their weapons in county parks. Voting to allow guns in parks were Commissioners Tony Norman, Ivan Harmon, Mike Hammond, Craig Leuthold, Richard Briggs, Brad Anders, Greg ‘Lumpy’ Lambert, R. Larry Smith, Michele Carringer, Bud Armstrong, Dave Wright, Mike Brown and Paul Pinkston. Voting for the ban were Commissioners Sam McKenzie, Thomas ‘Tank’ Strickland, Mark Harmon, Amy Broyles and Finbarr Saunders. Those arguing in favor of handguns in parks said it should be allowed under the Second Amendment and that there have been few instances of problems with violence in Knox County Parks.”

NYC: Primary voters reject another gun opponent: "For the second time in two weeks, the citizens of New York City have delivered an unambiguous rebuke to the gun control movement by rejecting David Yassky’s bid for Comptroller. Yassky based his campaign largely upon his gun control record. As a staffer to then Congressman Charles Schumer he worked on both the Brady Act and Clinton Gun Ban. His campaign was endorsed by Senator Schumer, the Daily News and the New York Times because of this. Yassky’s double-digit loss in the runoff election demonstrates just how far outside the mainstream of society gun control advocates are. A solid majority of Democrat voters in all five boroughs have soundly rejected this candidate and his ideas.”

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