Saturday, October 24, 2009

Texas: Homeowner shoots would-be burglar: "A homeowner went for his gun when he heard noises in his backyard in the very early morning hours. In the end, a suspected thief was wounded and running for his life. It happened on James and Cochran around 2:15am. The homeowner says he fired on the suspect to protect his property. Frustrated that he and his neighbors were being repeatedly burglarized, one homeowner made a last minute decision to install a video camera late last night. Less than three hours later, the camera captured images of a man, allegedly trying to steal something from the front yard. In the video you can see the burglar running away, just moments after the homeowner opened fire. "I shot him, but I shot him on his foot. I didn't want to shoot him in the chest or head or anything, he was five feet away from me, I could have shot him between the eyes but I didn't want to kill him," said the homeowner. The homeowner has owned his revolver for 40 years. He's never had to fire it, not even once, until early this morning. One single shot through his bedroom window and the suspect was still able to run away but he didn't' get far. Police found and arrested him just a few blocks down the road."

Kansas man killed in liquor store robbery : "Police have released the identity of a man who was fatally shot last night in a Southeast Topeka liquor store. Twenty-one year old Rickie Loyd Jr. was shot to death while he attempted to rob the Cormier Liquor Store on SE California. Police say the other man is a black male between 5 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 6 inches tall. He is believed to have shot wounds, but they do not know the severity. He was last seen wearing dark pants and a dark hoodie. Police believe they know who the man is, but haven't been able to locate him yet. They say Loyd and the other man are suspects in other recent robberies in Topeka, but are not saying which ones." [The store owner appears to have fired the shots but details are few so far]

OH: Richmond man shot in Preble County incident; 2 arrested: "A Richmond man was shot in the chest during an altercation at a house late Thursday. He was among three who apparently broke into a two-story white farmhouse and assaulted an Ohio man. The 26-year-old gunshot victim was listed in serious condition this morning at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, after being flown there by helicopter, said Preble County Sheriff Mike Simpson. The two other men who fled the scene were arrested on Interstate 70 after they apparently stopped to get help for the gunshot victim. The incident was first reported at 9:46 p.m. as a home invasion and assault. It’s unknown whether the suspects were armed. They are in Preble County Jail. Simpson said their names and more details would be available this afternoon. He’s exploring links between the three and the man who was assaulted, Christopher L. Jones, 25, of Eaton, Ohio. Jones told responders that he fired the shot in self-defense. “He was assaulted pretty seriously,” Simpson said. “Sometime during the assault, he reached for a gun.” Jones was treated at Reid Hospital for cuts to his head, Simpson said."

Public housing ban on guns challenged: "The National Rifle Association notched a victory in the January settlement of a lawsuit against a San Francisco Housing Authority, under which the agency will no longer enforce a 2005 rule that prohibited the otherwise legal possession of guns and ammunition in public housing units. In July, the House Financial Services Committee adopted an amendment to allow guns in public housing projects as part of a markup of a housing bill (HR 3045), which has yet to be passed through Congress. But despite the seemingly national groundswell in favor of gun ownership, Johnie E. Lewis, a 73-year-old man living in public housing in Fernandina Beach, could face eviction for his desire to bear arms. Under a Housing Authority of Fernandina Beach lease agreement that tenants must sign, they agree not to display, use or possess any firearms under penalty of eviction - for now, anyway. Lewis, along with his attorney Steven M. Fahlgren, filed suit in September for declaratory and injunctive relief against Patricia Woody in her official capacity as executive director of the Housing Authority of Fernandina Beach concerning his right to keep a gun in his home for lawful purposes. "Florida law says that essentially, a man's home is his castle," Fahlgren said. "He has the right to use deadly force in his home when attacked." When asked whether the lease agreement preventing the lawful possession of guns is binding, Fahlgren said it can't supersede constitutional law."

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