Monday, October 26, 2009

Law-abiding gun owner was victimized twice: "In 2008 an enraged, deranged known drug dealer/crack cocaine smoker attempted a violent attack on a Central Illinois man. The FOID-carrying victim pulled his legally owned, legally carried, unloaded, disassembled, non-functioning, encased semi-automatic pistol, inserted the magazine, readied a bullet and stopped the attack abruptly. … Police responded. Police rejected the gun owner’s vehicular carry methods. Plus, the gun wasn’t unloaded immediately after the event. Police arrested the gun owner on a questionable felony and several questionable misdemeanors. The legitimate, recordless, lawful defender was victimized twice — once by the drug-induced predator, then by police.”

NY: Lil’ Wayne to serve one year on unconstitutional “weapons charge”: "In a surprise turn, Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne agreed to plead guilty Thursday to a reduced weapons charge in a gun case that he has been fighting for two years, and will spend a year in prison. The platinum album artist entered the plea as part of a deal with prosecutors to avoid a jury handing down a stiffer sentence had his case gone to trial. The rapper, born Dwayne Carter, originally pleaded not guilty after being charged with criminal gun possession charges in July 2007 when his tour bus was pulled over by NYPD officers in Columbus Circle following a concert.”

Amtrak: No guns on OUR trains!: "Amtrak is raising serious objections to a proposal that would allow passengers to stow unloaded guns in their checked baggage, saying the train operator cannot screen passengers’ bags the same way airlines do. The Senate passed a measure last month that would allow passengers to declare and check a weapon on the trains, something airline passengers can do now, provided the weapon is unloaded and in a hard and locked case. But Amtrak and some House members are against the idea. The House did not include the provision in their version of the bill approved by the Senate. ‘That could jeopardize the operations of Amtrak because … we don’t have the monies to invest in the protocol necessary to guarantee that these weapons won’t be used against the traveling public,’ said Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss.”

Gun nuts right, armed self-defense works: "One of the lies those that push for more gun control perpetuate is that armed self-defense is ineffective. They’ll try to tell you that bad guys will take your gun away from you, or that you’d just miss anyway, or that all you’d do is wound and anger an assailant. Fortunately, their lies have fallen on increasingly deaf ears over the last twenty years or so as concealed carry reform has swept the country. More states than ever recognize the gun rights of their citizens, and the wins are starting to pile up for the good guys.”

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Wireless.Phil said...

I worked in Illinois a few times and ever since that I have refused to return. That has to be the most or one of the most corrupt states in the US. They are all a bunch of crooks out to make a buck!