Sunday, October 11, 2009

KY: Fatal Shooting May Have Been In Self-Defense: "A Louisville man was shot and killed overnight. Police said the shooter may have pulled the trigger in self defense. Alexander Harris, 24, was found shot to death in the front yard of a home on Sunset Avenue just after 1 a.m. Friday, but police aren't saying why he came to the home and just what prompted his acquaintance to fire the deadly shots. Police said Harris came to the front porch and got into an argument with one of the four people inside. "Shots were fired at that time," said Lt. Barry Wilkerson of Metro Police. "Some rounds entered the home and the others struck the victim, fatally wounding him." Police said Harris came to the house with a gun but they won't say if he actually fired the weapon. The shooter and the victim were acquaintances and neither actually lived at the residence. Detectives said they didn't take the shooter into custody because they didn't feel they had enough probable cause to make an arrest."

La.: Bar robber shot: "A man who showed up at a West Bank hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg after a robbery at a 7th Ward bar turned into a shootout has been charged with attempted armed robbery, according to New Orleans Police spokesman Officer Garry Flot. Troy LeBlanc [above] , 26, was charged the day after a bartender was shot in the chest at Mickey’s Playground in the 1900 block of Lapeyrouse Street. The robbery, which took place shortly before noon, left the 50-year-old female bartender in critical condition, after two men wearing plastic hockey masks rushed into the bar shortly after opening, police said. "They both were armed with pistols," said NOPD Assistant Superintendent Marlon Defillo Tuesday after the robbery. "They apparently demanded money. They were directed to the back of the business where the owner was secured in his office and we believe it was an attempted robbery." However, the bar owner, Mickey Smith, was watching the robbery taking place on the surveillance video in the back of the bar and armed himself, police said. "At that point one of the gunmen began to kick the door, and we believe the owner who was armed with a pistol himself fired several shots through the door," said Defillo. The bartender was hit in the shooting, but police are unsure whether the bartender was hit by Smith or one of the robbers." ["Le Blanc" means "The white one". Picture above reveals it to be a misnomer]

California man wrestles rifle from would-be robber: "A store manager wrestled a loaded rifle from an unsuccessful thief Friday morning, then managed to get his license plate number after the robber tried to flee but got stuck in traffic. Rodolfo Evaristo, 40, said all he could feel was fear as he stared down the barrel of a rifle at his store, Lopez Market, on 200 West El Norte Parkway. The robber had come in the front, but seeing no one there, had walked to the back of the store and demanded Evaristo give him cash. Evaristo put up his hands and begged the masked gunman not to shoot. Evaristo's brother, Simon Evaristo, 50, also witnessed the incident. Without getting any money, the robber then tried to flee out the back door. He took one hand off the gun to try to push open the fire door, not realizing it was deadbolted below. With the gun down, and confident that his brother would back him up, Rodolfo Evaristo decided to make his move. He grabbed the rifle with both hands and managed to wrestle it away from the would-be robber while screaming for someone to call the police. The thief then unlocked the door and ran to a Jetta parked behind the store. Evaristo was able to write down the car's license plate number, he said, because it got stuck in traffic on Escondido Boulevard. An hour later, police found an abandoned Jetta with matching plates on the south side of town. Police eventually arrested Jose Zardon, 47, of Escondido and booked him on suspicion of armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon."

MO: Man accidentally shot by accomplice while robbing mobile home: "A Jefferson City man was charged with murder Tuesday, and two women also face charges in connection with Monday morning’s murder during a botched robbery in an Apache Flats mobile home park. Cole County Prosecutor Mark Richardson late Tuesday afternoon charged Daniel Hynson, 21, 2317 Bluebird, with one count of second-degree murder for the death of Lamar Gardner, 19, Kansas City. Hynson also is charged with two counts of first-degree robbery. Richardson also charged Lauren Douglas, 21, 515 Sue Dr., with one count of hindering prosecution, and Natasha Wray, 21, Independence, with conspiracy to commit robbery. According to a Cole County Sheriff’s Department probable cause statement, the residents of the mobile home, Jennifer Ferguson and Andy Schultz, told authorities that they were the victims of a home invasion robbery about 5:45 a.m. Monday, in which several subjects had entered their home armed with a gun. The robbers were able to get $1,000 in cash and one subject, Gardner, was shot during the robbery. Gardner eventually died from a shot to his face Monday night."

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