Tuesday, February 09, 2010

British thug gets shot by victim: "Jamie Bunter, 20, of Ramilles Close, Brixton, held the loaded gun to the head of a stranger and pulled the trigger after rifling through his pockets. When the gun jammed, the shocked victim bravely fought back and managed to beat his attacker across the head with the butt. He was then shot in the stomach by a second armed robber, but was still able to blast Bunter in the leg. Bunter was armed with a shortened .410 calibre double-barrelled folding shotgun. He was with two other white men, one armed with a pistol and the other carrying a hunting knife, who remain at large. The court heard Bunter racially abused his black victim before demanding a phone from the man, who refused to hand it over. The robber needed hospital treatment for head and leg injuries and was identified as one of the gunmen from his wounds. Bunter, who committed an almost identical robbery with a fake weapon when he was 15, was convicted of attempted murder, robbery, and firearms charges after a trial at the Old Bailey last month. He was given an indeterminate sentence for public protection on Wednesday and ordered to serve at least 12 years before he is eligible for release."

Feds respond to Firearms Freedom Act lawsuit: "The United States has made its first response to a lawsuit filed in federal district court in Missoula to test the Montana Firearms Freedom Act (MFFA), passed by the 2009 Legislature and signed into law by Governor Schweitzer. The MFFA declares that any firearms, ammunition or firearms accessories made and retained in Montana are not subject to federal regulation under the power given to Congress in the U.S. Constitution to regulate commerce ‘among the several states.’”

The IRS is gunning for you: "The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intends to purchase sixty Remington Model 870 Police RAMAC #24587 12 gauge pump-action shotguns for the Criminal Investigation Division. The Remington parkerized shotguns, with fourteen inch barrel, modified choke, Wilson Combat Ghost Ring rear sight and XS4 Contour Bead front sight, Knoxx Reduced Recoil Adjustable Stock, and Speedfeed ribbed black forend, are designated as the only shotguns authorized for IRS duty based on compatibility with IRS existing shotgun inventory, certified armorer and combat training and protocol, maintenance, and parts."

A collector who got cold feet?: "Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies say they expected a good turnout for the department's "gifts for guns" exchange in Compton, but even they were surprised when a man showed up with 58 guns. After the man unloaded the weapons Tuesday, he drove away with several thousands of dollars in supermarket gift certificates in return. Under the policy, there are no questions asked, so deputies don't know the man's identity, but as Lt. Anthony Lucia said, "that is 58 guns off the street." Lucia says most were small handguns, but some also were assault weapons. In all, more than 230 guns were turned in Tuesday during the exchange. All will be destroyed." [I don't want to be too morbid here but a correspondent has suggested that the guns might have been part of a "deceased estate" -- guns left in his will by an old collector to an ungrateful relative. If so, it is very sad to think of the entire collection being witlessly destroyed. I have however heard that good collectors' items somehow tend to escape destruction by police who know what they are worth and do get "recycled" to appreciative buyers. And we are talking about L.A., after all]

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