Monday, February 15, 2010

WA: Armed house-sitter shoots at intruder: "A Douglas County man who was watching a home for a friend shot at an intruder in the home as he fled but missed, authorities said. The man arrived at the house, southeast of Bridgeport, to find the door open and burglars inside, said Douglas County Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal. … When deputies arrived, they searched the home and found a 20-year-old Bridgeport man hiding in the bathroom. He had injuries from a saw he pulled on top of himself when the other suspect fled, he said. He was treated by an ambulance crew, the sheriff said.”

AL: Home invader shot: "A home invasion happened just after two this morning in Northport. Sheriff deputies say they responded to the 4000 block of Oak Meadow Drive on a shooting and home invasion. When they arrived they found the front door kicked in. The homeowner knew one of his attackers, and admitted to shooting one of the men with his 12 gauge shot gun, before they turned on him. "A fight ensured the homeowner shot gun is taken from him. The shot gun is then pointed at the homeowner and the homeowner is beaten,” says Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Ted Sexton. The victim is at DCH Medical Center. Both men are in custody but only one has been charged. 25 year old Dennis Sagely is charged with second degree robbery and is being held on 30-thousand dollar bond."

Gun owners in cross hairs: "The gun grabbers are at it again in Maryland. Next month, the state's House Judiciary Committee will initiate hearings on legislation forcing firearms enthusiasts to register with the state government before they can exercise their Second Amendment rights. The plan, drafted by Delegate Samuel I. Rosenberg, Baltimore Democrat, and Sen. Brian E. Frosh, Montgomery County Democrat, would mandate that citizens carry a special license while conducting any number of routine transactions involving a gun. To obtain a gun license, a person must fill out a long application form, attend a comprehensive firearms safety course, pay a nonrefundable fee to the state and wait 30 days for the completion of a criminal background check. If all items are processed properly, the Maryland State Police would drop the license in the mail.... The bill would make it a crime on par with murder, kidnapping, rape and extortion for a private party to sell his own gun to someone who has no license. It also would give police the authority to seize the e-mail, cell phone and other records of anyone merely suspected of selling or renting a gun in Maryland without a license."

VA. House panel votes to end gun-a-month law: "The House Committee on Militia Police and Public Safety voted 15-6 today to eliminate Virginia’s one-gun-a-month limit on the purchase of handguns. The vote came after emotional testimony in which the sponsor, Del. L. Scott Lingamfelter, R-Prince William, said the ban was no longer needed. Andrew Goddard, father of Virginia Tech shooting survivor Colin Goddard, argued that only gunrunners need to buy more than one handgun a month. The vote was largely along party lines. Two Democrats voted with the Republican majority. The measure now goes to the full House of Delegates. The one-gun-a-month law, which passed in 1993, was a key initiative of then-Gov. L. Douglas Wilder, a Democrat. Last year both candidates for governor, Democrat R. Creigh Deeds and Republican Bob McDonnell, said they would sign bills to repeal the law."

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