Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gun Control in Maryland

Legislators in Maryland are seemingly trying to pull a fast one. They are pushing a gun control bill which hasn't been read by anyone yet. Jeez, it's almost like they're impersonating the U.S. Congress.

The measure, HB820: Firearm Safety Act of 2010, was introduced in both the Maryland House and Senate by Delegate Sandy Rosenberg and Senator Brian Frosh, respectively. It goes without saying, both are Democrats.

The bill includes:
"... a requirement for gun license applicants to provide fingerprints to the Maryland State Police for a background check.

The bill would also expand the definition of a “habitual drunkard” in current law, a classification of people who are ineligible for purchasing firearms. Currently, a person who has been found guilty of three alcohol-related crimes in the past year can't get a gun permit. Frosh's bill would change that to someone convicted of two alcohol-related crimes in the past five years.

The bill would also require gun sellers to be audited at least once every two years.
Second Amendment supporters at view the bill's provisions as noxious and a fundamental change to gun ownership in Maryland. Consequently, they have issued a call for action. Gun rights advocates are asked to call or write their representatives and tell them to shut down the proposed firearms act.

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