Saturday, February 06, 2010

Georgia: Intruder killed by homeowner: "Henry County investigators now believe they know what prompted a pre-dawn home invasion that left a man dead. An Ellenwood homeowner shot and killed an intruder Friday in a predawn home invasion. Inside the home, police found 5 pounds of marijuana, a pound and a half of cocaine, and $174,000 cash, according to Henry police Capt. Jason Bolton. The homeowners, Milton and Sandra Robbins, both 35, were arrested Friday evening, Bolton said. The husband and wife have been charged with trafficking cocaine and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Three men got out of a dark-colored SUV along Hill Lane in Ellenwood just before 5:30 a.m. and forced their way through the front door of a house occupied by Milton and Sandra Robbins and two teenage children, police said. "Once inside, one of the suspects exchanged gunfire with the homeowner," Bolton told the AJC. "The suspect was shot and killed by the homeowner." The man killed has been identified as 35-year-old Marlin K. Maner of Decatur."

Florida: 70-Year-Old Man Shoots Would-be Thieves: "Two would-be thieves didn’t count on a motion alarm and a gun-toting 70-year-old Winter Haven man when they tried to steal the batteries from his golf cart, according to Polk County Sheriff’s Office reports. Robert Rowley, of 28 Henry Drive in Winter Haven, awoke to the sound of a motion sensor alarm about 2:15 a.m. Monday. When the alarm sounded, he grabbed his handgun and flashlight to investigate, sheriff’s reports said. As he walked outside his home, he saw two men, who investigators said were trying to cut the cables to the battery packs on Rowley’s golf cart. When he challenged them, one of the men began to walk in Rowley’s direction, he told investigators he tried to scare the men away by firing his gun. Rowley fired three shots – once in the air, another at the ground and a third at the men’s truck as they tried to quickly get away. Deputies were later called to Winter Haven Hospital for two men who showed up with gun shot wounds, reports said. After talking to the men and to Rowley, deputies charged Matthew Alan Clinage, 20, and Christopher Polson, 21, with grand theft and burglary of an occupied residence, reports said. Rowley told deputies he didn’t realize his shots had struck either man. Clinage was struck in the leg and Polson in the head and neck area. Clinage was treated and taken to the Polk County Jail, while Polson was taken to Tampa General Hospital where he remained in stable condition."

CA: Road ragers pick the wrong guy: "Two Orange County men were arrested Thursday for an armed confrontation with an off-duty Orange County Sheriff's deputy. They were Identified as Sergio Elisazzaraz, 18, of Santa Ana and Amaury Vega Luqueno, 25, of Santa Margarita. According to the Santa Ana Police, the off duty deputy was enroute to work on January 19, when the suspects almost caused a crash with his car. The four occupants confronted the deputy, who had his duty weapon in the car. One of the suspects had a semi-automatic hand gun and pointed it at the deputy. Authorities say the deputy fired his weapon in self defense at the suspect with the hand gun. The deputy drove away and notified Santa Ana Police. No one was hit by the bullets. Santa Ana Police Detectives identified two of the suspects as Elisazzaraz and Luqueno. Both suspects have been booked in the Santa Ana Police Department jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

Arizona May Allow Faculty to Carry Guns on Campus: "Most universities do not allow students or faculty with concealed carry permits to bring a weapon to school, but a bill is currently moving through the state senate that would allow faculty to do just that. Currently, only certified police officers are permitted to carry a weapon on school grounds in Arizona. State Senator Jack Harper of Phoenix is the primary sponsor of this bill, and this legislative session is not the first time that it has been introduced. Daniel Crocker, Southwest Regional Director for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, said that while he believes this legislation should extend to students, the current bill is a move in the right direction. “Any step toward allowing the people the right to self defense is a good thing,” Crocker said. “We’re going to embrace anything that extends that right.” At 44,000 members, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus is one of the largest student rights groups in the country. They advocate that trained, licensed, and law-abiding adults who carry a firearm to protect themselves should also have the right to do so on college campuses."

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