Wednesday, February 03, 2010

SC: Charges dismissed in shooting death: "The District Attorney's Office has dismissed assault charges in a May shooting that left one man dead. No further action will be taken in the shooting and subsequent death of Moody Dale Buffkin, District Attorney Rex Gore said Monday. Buffkin, 58, died May 22 at the Medical University of South Carolina at Charleston. He was shot in the neck outside the Heart of Dixie convenience store in Tabor City on May 13. The store is a few miles from Buffkin's home on N.C. 904. Lawrence Dewayne Enzor, 43, of the 6300 block of Cherry Grove Road in Cerro Gordo, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. That charge was dismissed Jan. 22.... "During the course of this review, the District Attorney's Office did follow-up interviews with potential witnesses," the release said. "After an exhaustive review of all the evidence, the state has determined that it cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the shooter was not acting in self-defense.'' Enzor and his father said Buffkin pulled a gun and aimed at Enzor, who then fired in self-defense. Buffkin's .25-caliber handgun was recovered by police under Buffkin's body, police said."

MO: Self-defense claim accepted in shooting of woman: "A Kansas City man pleaded guilty Tuesday to illegally possessing a handgun used in the 2008 shooting death of woman. Alphonso M. Tunley, who has a prior robbery conviction, pleaded guilty in federal court to being a felon in possession of a firearm. Tunley, 33, possessed the .45-caliber handgun on Nov. 16, 2008, when he shot Dacia Wright to death inside his central Kansas City home. After Jackson County prosecutors charged him with second-degree murder, he maintained that he had to shoot Wright in self-defense when she attacked him. Shortly before the case went to trial, Jackson County prosecutors dismissed the murder case. At Tuesday’s hearing in federal court, defense attorney Pat Peters and Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Becker indicated that the self-defense issue, while not a defense to the firearm possession charge, probably will be raised by the defense as a mitigating factor at Tunley’s sentencing."

DE: State lawmakers appear willing to overturn firearms ban in public housing: "In response to a Caesar Rodney Institute investigation, state lawmakers appear willing to overturn the ban of gun ownership by residents who live in public housing units plagued with crime. The institute's report, published Monday, Feb. 1, said all four of the state’s public housing authorities ban their residents from owning firearms despite clear protections in the Delaware Constitution, the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court decisions and recent rulings by lower courts that have found similar bans to be unconstitutional. The report went on to say that many public housing residents feel trapped in their homes because of crime in their communities, since they are prohibited from owning firearms for self-defense against the drug dealers and thugs who infest their communities. Violating the gun ban can result in eviction. After the report was published following a five-month investigation, the Caesar Rodney Institute was told by members of all four legislative caucuses that they would support legislation to overturn the gun bans."

"Give me your liberty-haters": "Comparing America and England, and the respective dominant ‘cultures’ of each, gave me an idea. Why not encourage all the gun-haters and otherwise self-hating, socialism-loving people to emigrate to England where guns are illegal and where self-defense is now routinely punished more harshly than aggression? Then there would be plenty of room to encourage all the freedom-loving people of England to immigrate, with or without government ‘permission,’ to America.”

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