Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bahamas: Robber shot trying to 'buzz' out of building: "A dumb robber who had already been shot in the face after raiding the cash register at a filling station, was blasted again with a shotgun as he tried to "buzz" his way out of the building. Quick-thinking employees at the Wulff Road Texaco gas station thwarted the midnight attack on Monday, leaving blood-stained banknotes scattered everywhere and a suspect critically ill in hospital. The masked assailant entered the gas station store and waved a gun at the cashier. The cashier fled, leaving the robber to hop over the counter to collect money from the cash register. With cash in hand, the robber tried to flee but was unable to escape as the electronic buzzer system had locked him inside the store. Armed with a licensed shotgun, Mr Todd ordered the robber to "freeze" as he tried in vain to "buzz" the door open. Then, according to a member of staff, the robber reached for his gun forcing Mr Todd to fire his first shot, hitting him in the face and sending the man to the ground. He then had to open fire again when the robber attempted to retrieve his gun."

TX: Robbery Suspect Fatally Shot in Game Room: "Investigators say a security guard fatally shot an armed man who tried to rob a game room in northwest Houston. Officers arrived after 10 p.m. to the Fun and Gift game room on West Little York Road near Chateau Forest Drive and found the alleged robbery suspect's wounded body inside. Homicide investigators say that the suspect entered the game room holding a gun and demanding money while a partner waited outside in a black Dodge pickup truck with a rag used to block the license plate number. The security guard, who was not an off-duty law enforcement officer, used a weapon to shoot the suspect an undetermined amount of times. The man waiting in the truck outside the game room ran away on foot and left the vehicle in the parking lot. Investigators have not revealed if any charges will be filed in the suspect's death."

NM: Homeowner Shoots Alleged Burglar: "An alleged home invader was shot by the homeowner as police respond to the burglary in Albuquerque's west side Friday. Police said a homeowner at 9993 Academy Street NW called 911 shortly before noon Friday and reported a break-in. Police said that while she was on the phone, she fired one shot to the head of the alleged intruder, later identified as Frank Castillo, 19. Police said they found Castillo in the front yard, but they won't say yet if the homeowner shot Castillo while he was in the home or if she shot him outside. Castillo is in critical condition at University of New Mexico Hospital. Police said Castillo may not have acted alone. "We think there might have at least been a dark, two-toned passenger vehicle. We don't have any more detail than that," said Bernalillo County Sheriff's Deputy Gregg Marcantel. "So we have reason to believe that there was a co-conspirator here." Marcantel said the two-toned car took off after the shooting and that investigators are still looking for the driver. Police said that driver may have tipped off family members."

Seattle gun ban overturned: "Second Amendment advocates won the first battle in their bid to overturn the ban on guns in Seattle’s city parks and public areas. King County Superior Court Catherine Shaffer ruled the ban violated a 1983 law which gave the state legislature sole power over gun laws. Former Mayor Greg Nickels issued the gun ban by mayoral decree last June. Readers may remember him as the guy who took the powder for Seattle’s ban on salting roads to remove snow for fear of contaminating the Puget Sound with salt. The Puget Sound is a body of salt water. This ban made even less sense".

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