Thursday, February 04, 2010

OK: Homeowner shoots intruder: "Three intruders fled from an Oklahoma City home this morning after being shot at by the home owner, police said. … The intruders forced the residents into a back bedroom when the homeowner shot one of the intruders. The intruders fled in a dark-colored SUV, police said. Police said the homeowner said he recognized one of the suspects. Subsequently police arrested 30-year-old Eric Kutz as well as a 14-year-old male. Police said Kutz was transported to an area hospital to receive treatment for his injuries.”

The Advantages of Revolvers for Self Defense: "As a deterrent, revolvers are easily recognized as a firearm, even in reduced light, especially if manufactured in a visible finish. Revolvers are quickly recognized as guns even by dumb bad guys. The revolver communicates that this is a real gun and not something else like a can of soda, etc. This recognition may save you from having to fire to convince him further. Here are some points to consider: * There is little doubt a revolver is loaded and many times the threat/attacker will see it’s loaded by simply looking at the cylinder and seeing the ammunition in it. Many people paint a light coating of liquid paper or white paint on the bullet tips to make them more visible for deterrent value. * Revolvers are quick and easy to operate. Simply draw, aim and fire. No switches or tricky functioning, stoppages or other malfunctions; they will work when they are most needed! * Any trainer will tell you that revolvers require less training than semi-autos to fire competently and safely thus making them the best firearm for the average citizen for self-defense purposes. * Revolvers are very fast to get into action, incredibly reliable and nearly foolproof. * Some people feel revolver trigger pulls, especially in double-action mode are heavy (you read about it in every gun test magazine article and blog). But in life and death adrenalin-filled situations the pull of a revolver trigger is not even noticed by the shooter, nor the sound or recoil."

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