Thursday, February 11, 2010

OK: Robbery Suspect Shot At By Victim: "Shots are fired Saturday afternoon after an armed robbery suspect enters a business and stabs a man. Tulsa police say a man walked into an auto shop in the 2100 block of N. Sheridan Ave around just after 2:40 p.m. intending to rob the place. A fight broke out in the office area and the suspect began stabbing the business owner. The victim was able to grab a shot gun, and fired twice at the suspect as he ran away. Police aren't sure if the suspect was hit by the shots, or if he took anything from the business. No blood trail was found leading from the building. The suspect is described as a black male, mid 30s who stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. He was last wearing a black hoodie and black pants. Officers said the victim is expected to recover. He was transported to a Tulsa hospital and interviewed by police a short time later."

Montana: Walmart shooter won’t face charges: "Charges will not be filed against a man accused of shooting a co-worker in the forehead at the West End Walmart last summer, Yellowstone County Attorney Dennis Paxinos announced Wednesday. In a written statement, Paxinos said the actions of Craig Schmidt, 49, who was accused of shooting 32-year-old Danny Lira during an altercation at Walmart last August, “are supported by Montana law, in both presenting a firearm and in its discharge” and that he was defending himself. Schmidt was arrested at the scene of the shooting last Aug. 10 and was released from the county jail a short time later while the County Attorney’s Office investigated. A witness told investigators that as Schmidt was punched and shoved, he pulled out a pistol and fired. According to Paxinos’ statement, Schmidt said Lira hit him “extremely hard” twice in the head before he fell onto his back on top of a metal rack. He also told them he feared a third blow could cause serious injury or kill him because his head was above the metal surface. He then allegedly pulled out the pistol and fired."

Mississippi Senate passes pro-gun bill: "The Mississippi Senate passed a National Rifle Association (NRA) backed pro-gun bill on Thursday that will allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry a firearm in parks, restaurants, and unsecured public buildings. Senate Bill 2153, authored by Senator Merle Flowers, R-Olive Branch, was approved on a 48-3 vote. "Citizens should be able to exercise their Second Amendment right, and this bill will broaden the locations where they can do so," Flowers said. "Businesses will still have the ability to opt to restrict permit holders from entering their premises while armed, and counties and municipalities will also have the option for local parks. This bill simply allows folks to protect themselves and their families." "The NRA and our 30,000-plus members in Mississippi strongly support SB 2153 to bring state law into line with federal law allowing carry permit holders to protect themselves in parks, and to broaden the right to self-defense in other locations," said Tara Mica, NRA's Mississippi state liaison. Flowers co-authored the Castle Doctrine Law in 2006 that allows citizens to use deadly force if the feel their life is in danger."

Ill: Huge turnout reveals concealed carry is statewide issue: "Illinois is one of only two states left that prohibit the carrying of firearms for personal protection, leaving citizens to follow advice posted on the Illinois State Police website encouraging the use of hair combs and car keys to ward off violent attacks. Pundits say the issue of carrying a firearm for self-defense is a geographical issue in Illinois, limited to the more rural downstate area. Some upstate legislators deny the need for a carry law and argue Illinois citizens north of Interstate 80 have no interest in the right to carry a firearm for self-defense. Without a doubt, they were proven wrong last week when a standing room only crowd of 500-plus citizens from all over McHenry County turned out in support of Right to Carry in Illinois. The town hall meeting had White County connections. Second Amendment activists Valinda and Mike Rowe of Enfield assisted in the organizational phase of the meeting. Mrs. Rowe, the spokesperson for, was one of the speakers at the event. Women and men crowded into the packed Lakemoor Banquet Hall in Lakemoor to show their support for the right to carry"

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