Thursday, March 04, 2010

AZ: Pitchfork Incident Leads to Gun Law

(Kingman, Arizona) Mohave County's new gun check law became pesky at yesterday's Board of Supervisors' meeting.
Resident Randy Cone said he relinquished one weapon to security officers, was wanded with a metal detector and then remembered that he had a second weapon on his hip. He notified the security officer and placed the second weapon on the table to be checked into the county's new gun lockers.

According to Cone, the officer then told him he had broken the law.

The officer then located a Mohave County Sheriff's deputy and allegedly told the deputy that Cone was trying to sneak a gun past security.

Cone said he wasn't trying to sneak anything past security, that he hadn't moved from the spot where the security officer had wanded him with the metal detector behind the security table. Cone, who wasn't arrested, said he filed charges of false reporting against the security guard.

The county created the new gun policy after resident Mervin Fried was arrested on Feb. 16 for attempting to carry a pitchfork into the county building.
Simple logic would seemingly dictate that an incident of someone trying to carry a gun into the county building would lead to a pitchfork check policy.

Heh. You can't make this stuff up.

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